Why Your White Dishes Will Never Fail

With the rise of the food blogger era, and the food photography skills which it entails, a common question on people’s tongues is ‘What plates should I be investing in?’ And while styles such as modern slate and darker moody pallets come and go, the classic white plate has reigned superior for so many reasons.


Mainly because there are very few foods and props that don’t work with white.


Having white crockery in your cupboard is like owning that little black dress, its perfect for all occasions. Take our Royal Porcelain range for example, this timeless design paired with the quality materials used to make it will ensure that these plates will go with everything and pass the test of time.



A set of white plates can instantly be transformed into something festive or romantic simply by adding a beautifully folded napkin and/or a napkin ring. If you need some inspiration, some of the girls here at Hugh Jordan have tried their hand at creative napkin folding, you can check out their designs here. Once you’ve got your folding skills down, play with colours, patterns and textures to contrast with your plates.


Another way to dress up your white crockery is to add some elegant cutlery, excuse the fashion comparisons here but it’s like pairing your little black dress with your favourite flashy jewellery. With cutlery, practicality is of upmost importance, because they’re quite literally the tools you use to eat. Check out our practical, stylish and quality ranges of cutlery to pair with your timeless white crockery.



So here are some plating logic steps you can take to help you plate like a pro.

  1. Be a Michelin Star chef.
    (Just kidding)


  1. Think of your white plate as the primer to your meal, allowing the vibrant food colours to stand out and look more attractive.
  2. Utilise the photography rule of thirds and opt to plate your ingredients off centre.
  3. Much like writing a blog, white space is pleasing to the eye, so don’t shy away from leaving some white space on your plate.
  4. Make sure you include a vernacular of textures and colours .i.e. sauces, stuffing, smooth leaf salads, grilled meat.
  5. Use herbs, spices, edible flowers or citrus zest for decoration.

Photography in cookbooks, and on social media, "Instagram in particular, certainly serves as a source of inspiration for more ideas to spruce up your white crockery.


So what plates should you be investing in? Well, you can’t beat the price for the quality and traditional style of a solid collection of white crockery.


Take a look through our ranges of Royal Porcelain online, or pop into our store at 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street, Dublin 8 to start your collection of classic white crockery.

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