White and Colour Crockery: The Pros & Cons

Dinnerware is the main attraction for any table setting, either in your business or your home. With the ever-growing selection of crockery as well as the variety of colours it can be difficult to choose between all the different crockery selections. The main issue encountered by people is the decision between classical white or trending colours. We’ve put together the pros and cons of each option to make your decision a bit easier.



How you wish to present your food is important for helping you to make your decision about crockery. White crockery such as our Royal Porcelain range can help you to ensure that your food stands out, however certain foods and dishes can take away from your white crockery and make it look too plain compared to what you are serving. Colour crockery can also face the same dilemmas, while adding a colourful plate can enhance your meal it can also take away from the dish as well as the décor of your home or your business.



White can be an easier colour to match to your settings and the décor you have in your home or your business. With white crockery, you can change your décor without the need to constantly change your crockery. If your décor is quite basic, colourful crockery such as the ‘Modulo’ range from Degrenne can improve your décor as well as helping to make your dishes stand out more.



Non-classic and coloured glassware can make your white crockery seem out of place but can make your coloured crockery stand out even more. Coloured crockery like our Churchill ‘Stonecast’ range is the trendy option for people who want to try something new with their dinnerware. Classic white crockery like our ‘Banquet’ range from RAK never go out of style and can be perfect for everyday settings as well as special occasions and can allow for creative dishes to stand out.



When it comes to make a choice of white crockery, our Royal Porcelain collection is one of our favourites. The classical white plates and tableware are perfect for those who wish to go for a more classical look for their restaurant or home. Pair with our Melody glassware and our Grafton cutlery to full complete your table setting.


Royal Porcelain




Our go to option for coloured crockery is our RAK Neofusion collection. It comes in a selection of colours to choose from, allowing you the choice to mix and match your crockery in this collection. This collection pairs perfectly with our creative barware selection and works with any of our cutlery range.


RAK Neofusion


Shop our wide range of both white and coloured crockery and cutlery as well as our Melody glassware available online now at Hugh Jordan to help create your perfect tableware whichever colour you choose!

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