What size sanitiser should you buy?

What size sanitiser should you buy?

With so many options it can be hard to ensure you are buying the correct size and bottle type of sanitizer for your business. This blog makes it easy by breaking down the best size options for your needs. 

Primagel Santiser 50ml bottle flip cap

50ml Bottles – Flip Cap

50ml bottles are great for personal use as they can easily fit in their pocket, affording convenience and peace of mind that hands are safeguarded against contact with bacteria while on the go.

We recommend for:
•    Employees
•    Personal Care
•    Table tops / Bars
•    Hotel Rooms

Primagel 50ml Hand Sanitiser Bottles



Prima Gel 500ml bottle pumpPrima Gel 500ml Hand Sanitiser Flip Cap

500ml Bottles – Flip Cap or Pump

The larger size 500ml bottles usually come in both flip cap and pump bottles giving you the flexibility to decide which is best for your customers and employees. These bottles can be refilled and the long-lasting volume allows for full peace of mind that you have sufficient gel to meet your needs.

We recommend for:
•    Table tops / Bars
•    Back of house
•    Front Desk / Waiting Areas
•    Offices
•    Host/Hostess Stands

Primagel 500ml Hand Sanitiser Pump Bottles

Primagel 500ml Hand Sanitiser Flip Cap Bottles

Primagel 5L Hand Sanitiser Bottle

5L Bottles

Get more for your money with the 5L bottles of sanitiser, these bottles can be used to refill dispensers (ensure your dispenser is compatible first – like this white hand sanitiser dispenser or to refill smaller bottles like the 500ml ones, making it ideal for high traffic areas.

We recommend for:
•    Businesses with gel dispensers
•    Businesses looking to refill bottles

Primagel 500ml Hand Sanitiser 5L

If you’re looking to sanitiser more than just hands, we offer a wide selection of cleaning and hygiene products like our Super Profession Antiviral Spray & 5L refill

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