Top Tips on How To Go Green!

According to the Eurostat Figures, Ireland is the worst country for waste management – we waste an astonishing 61 kilograms of non-recyclable waste per person every year. There are many ways in our day-to-day life that we may overlook our overuse of plastic or non-recyclable goods – For example it’s extremely difficult to visit your local supermarket and buy fruit or vegetables without packaging or if we go out for coffee, we may even sit in the café with a take-away cup!

The food & beverage industry can be a huge contributor to the large amount of waste we produce – Straws, coffee cups, take-away food packaging and so much more! One way we can reduce this is by changing our plastic and wasteful items to an option that is more environmentally friendly. I’ve had a look at the many different aspects of the hospitality industry and the areas that produce the most waste in my experience. I’ve devised a list of the small changes you can make and the products you can substitute to help us all go green!






In a busy coffee shop, hotel or restaurant there’s a list of various items we use on a daily basis – coffee cups & lids, sugar sticks and cup sleeves. These items can be over-used and wasted and this is generally out of our hands. There is a big push on making the change, especially with our coffee cups. We have seen portable coffee flasks becoming more popular each day which is already a positive but unfortunately these aren’t used at all times – people generally forget to bring them in their bags or sometimes people can’t comprehend spending the €15 to buy them. 

At Hugh Jordan, we have a great range of products to help you on your way to going green! Our coffee cups are from the Edenware range by GO-PAK cups and we have a wide range of Single Wall Coffee Cups , Double Wall Coffee Cups  and Lids! They have a much lower carbon-footprint stemming from their plant beginnings.  These cups are actually disposal in a food composting waste also. It’s commonly known that food packaging contaminated with food cannot be recycled so compostable packaging offers a great alternative. Our Coffee Cup Sleeves tie hand-in-hand with our coffee cups as most customers will grab one before they go – and even better if they are compostable. We also have Sugar Sticks with compostable packaging which is perfect for any busy establishment!







Fast Food, Street Food & many other food service establishments use plastic plates, cutlery, and take-away containers for their customers on a daily basis and this can easily be changed.  A perfect alternative to these would be any of our disposable options. These compostable plates, bowls, sandwich wedges and cutlery can still be a stylish option for your business.  

When you’re on the go, our Kraftpak Food Trays from GO-PAK are the perfect option for all take-away food outlets. They provide an earthier image – made from virgin food grade paper board with no plastic linings being one of the most eco-friendly packaging available on the market.  The Bagasse Paper Bowl & Plates are also ideal for outdoor dining such as BBQ’s or street food areas. This range is all manufactured from pressed sugarcane residue.  To top it all off, we can also provide you with an alternative to your cutlery in these occasions, with our Compostable Cutlery Kit – This product provides you with a durable and environmentally friendly option, to suit even upscale buffets to a picnic in the park.








Plastic straws are wasted nearly every day of the week and because of the nature of the item, this is not something that is not reusable. Customers would generally use a new straw per drink and with most people having at least three drinks in a busy bar - this is a huge waste and something that should be combatted.  It is evident that bars are Ireland today and trying to make the change from plastic to paper – with some bars even not selling straws at all in order to become more eco-friendly. While there is no way for us to monitor the amount of straws used by our customers, we can make the simple change from plastic straws to paper straws.  We have a wide range of straws online to choose from – White & Red Paper Straws, Black Paper Straws, Multi-Coloured Papers Straws, & Black & White Paper Straws. These are all perfect options for your bar or restaurant and since they are paper they are an eco-friendly option for your workplace. We also provide Stirrers for drinks at the bar, which are a perfect option instead of plastic stirrers. 


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