Top Tips For A Green Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving back and the environment is becoming increasingly more important to give back to. With the continuous worries about the environmental impact that we as a whole are having on the earth, we are looking at ways to ensure that your festive period is an eco-friendly event without taking away from all the celebrations. Here are a few tips we have for a green Christmas!


Eco-friendly Christmas Crackers

One of the staples for any festive period is the Christmas crackers. At Hugh Jordan, we have a brand of both eco-friendly and charitable Christmas crackers. The Kraft Charity Cracker is a stunning cracker that helps you and your guests give back at Christmas time. The Trussell Trust helps back a network of food banks to provide emergency food and support throughout the nation. For every box of eco Christmas crackers sold, £2 will be donated to the Trust. This eco cracker helps support the environment as well as charity! It is made from recycled board and can be recycled again after use. There are 50 of these 12” crackers in each case.
Kraft Charity Cracker
Kraft Charity Cracker


Compostable Straw

Over the festive period, parties and accessories are vital for entertaining guests. Paper Straws are covered with beeswax, not plastic. These are individually wrapped and are useful with children’s’ drinks as well as Christmas drinks for adults. A great idea would be to place these straws in our mini milk bottles or Tennessee jam jar glasses. Both kids and adults will love the way you present your drinks in a unique and quirky way.

Compostable Straws

Re-usable Cutlery & Glasses

One of the biggest culprits for waste at parties is disposable plates, cutlery, cups and other utensils. It’s totally easy to avoid this – just use the real stuff, which is what you probably already have at home. And if there aren’t enough sets for everyone, you can always purchase second-hand or ask friends and/or family to bring some over. You can shop online at Hugh Jordan for all products you will need for the festive period: serving accessories, crockery, cutlery and glasses.


Overall, these are three simple steps anyone can take to have a greener Christmas. We’d love to know what you do to help reduce your intake of plastic, especially over the festive period. Let us know your tips for a green Christmas on any of our social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

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