Three Reasons Why To Go Vegan


Following on from Food Trends 2019, we are seeing the rise in the number of people opting for a vegan lifestyle, with the first trend of 2019 of prominence being ‘Veganuary’! For those of you who may not know (or are living under a rock!) a vegan lifestyle basically cuts out all animal products and by-products, with an emphasis on cutting out meat & dairy. With the rise in obsession with health and also the on-going awareness needed for a more sustainable environment, many people are choosing this lifestyle in order to play their part for helping the planet & to live a life of ‘clean eating’.

In the past, veganism was a niche trend with a small amount of people choosing this diet, but in recent years it has become more main stream than ever. This was proven when large supermarket chains such as Marks & Spencer’s, Supervalu & Dunnes Stores now have launched specific vegan and vegetarian ranges and even McDonalds has launched a vegan ‘Happy Meal’ in hopes to keep up with this wide-spread infatuation. With many food organisations getting on-board, this allows many people who choose to go vegan to enjoy a well-nourished & varied diet and also shows a lot of people that you don’t need meat & dairy to have a substantial, varied and nutritious meal.

With 2019 being considered the official ‘the year of the vegan’ we have decided to give you three reasons why you should consider going vegan this year.


  1.        Health Benefits!

    When it comes to discussing the health benefits of becoming vegan, it’s easy to see in light of recent research that there are plenty.  It’s said that the over-consumption of animal products and by-products can increase the chances of health problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so even if you chose to adapt a vegan diet for four out of seven days in your week, it will have a positive impact on your hearts health. Too much of anything can have a negative result on your well-being, so since you won’t be eating animal fats that come from dairy & meat it should also help to reduce cholesterol.

    It’s common to wonder where you will get your source of protein, as many people’s main source of protein is from animal meat! There are plenty of plant-based proteins available on the market like beans, chickpeas, quinoa, nut butter, lentils, tofu, avocado and of course many other vegetables! It’s always recommended when making a lifestyle change such as going vegan to consult your doctor beforehand.
  2.        Environment

    There was a period of time during evolution when eating meat was a necessity for survival and is one of the reasons we’re here today! With food production being at an all-time high, there’s no way our environment can sustain this current level for much longer.  In 2010, the United Nations reported that “Impacts from agriculture are expected to increase substantially due to population growth increasing consumption of animal products. Unlike fossil fuels, it is difficult to look for alternatives: people have to eat. A substantial reduction of impacts would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.” Breeding and raising animals for the pure purpose of consumption is said to be an inefficient use of our fossil fuels, with animals raised for this purpose are fed more than half of all the world’s crops. Following a vegan lifestyle contributes to less air pollution puts less pressure on our natural resources by requiring less land, fossil fuels and water.  It’s expected that the world population will reach 9 billion people by the year 2050 and that’s a lot more mouths to feed, so in order for survival it’s important to reduce your animal product and by-product consumption or become vegan!

  3.         Moral Benefits & Animal Empathy

    We can all agree, that the majority of people are animal lovers, whether you love domestic animals like dogs or cats, or farming animals, African animals and more! Unfortunately in many countries, the way animals are killed for food purposes is not humane at all, and due to the high request in animal products, many animals are living shorter and shorter life spans in order to meet the demand. Becoming vegan can benefit you as an animal lover, knowing that you are not supporting the horrific ways animals are being slaughtered.



Overall, the main three benefits of becoming vegan can benefit your healthy, your morality and the environment! It may not be an easy switch to make but it’s important to try reduce your consumption of meat to benefit the world we live in! As a restaurant owner or a hotelier, it’s important to try and accommodate people who are choosing this lifestyle, so why not adapt your menu or include some vegan or even vegetarian options? Let us know what you think of this diet on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like to shop any of our products, visit our online store now at