Think You Know Your Gin?

Gin is a highly rectified flavoured spirit (96% ABV before dilution to bottle strength) and must contain juniper as the main botanical flavour, although it can use other natural or nature-identical flavourings. Distilled gin must re-distill a highly rectified spirit at 96% ABV with juniper berries. Most - although not all - use a grain-based spirit and will use a pot still to add the flavouring of the predominant juniper and other natural botanicals. Natural or nature-identical flavourings can then also be added. 

London Dry Gin: This is the same as other distilled gins but cannot include any other flavourings or sweeteners. 'London Dry Gin' can now be produced anywhere in the world. Some of the better-known brands such as Gordons, Greenall's and most supermarket gins diluate their spirit to a minimum allowable bottle strength og 37.5% ABV wich saves on duty, but this can reduce some of the aromas - particularly citrus which are held in the gin at around 40% ABV or above. 

Plymouth Gin: A distilled gin which can only be produced in Plymouth and only one company is licensed to do so. It uses Seville oranges for a more bitter tang and is generally 41.2% ABV which serves to retain the citrus notes. 

Jenever/Geniver: A Juniper flavoured spirit which can only be produced in the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France and can use a percentage of lower strength spirit in its production. It tends to be fuller bodied and sweeter than other distilled gins and is less well-known in the Irish market. 

Sloe & other Fruit Gins: These are sweetend gins and can be described as liquers. They are produced both commercially and at home by adding fresh fruit/fruit essence such as damsons or citrus fruits to gin. Sloe gin is the most popular and produced commercially by both Plymouth and Gordon's and some premium producers. 

Looking for some Gin Glasses? Click the picture above to view our Ambassador Gin Goblet!


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