The Sanique S-3 Sanitising Electric Sprayer

The Sanique S-3 Sanitising Electric Sprayer has been designed to meet the demands that the professional first-responder sanitising contractor faces. This Electric Sprayer is to be used with the Sanique Qcide Concentrate Disinfectant.

It’s delivered as a totally stand-alone unit that’s ready for immediate use.


Installation out of the box:

The machine requires simple attachment of the hose and lance and two drops of oil onto the pump seals.  Assembly instructions and tools provided. If used regularly then once per week put two drops of oil onto the pump seals.



Per the video, first prime the machine by switching the priming valve then switch it back and you're ready to spray.

The machine keeps the pressure constant so that you have a constant fine fog.

You can adjust the fineness fo the spray, set it to the highest ('+') setting to acheive the best fog. For optimum coverage spray from a distance of 1 meter from the object you want to disinfect As it is a very fine fog it is perfectly safe to use it on keyboards, TV remotes, light switches, and so on. After spraying glass/mirrors and leaving for the recommended contact time (5 mins) you might choose to wipe with a clean glass cloth to polish off.

Performance of the Disinfectant:

The fogger leaves a very fine layer of the disinfectant on all surfaces. Contact time to kill Coronavirus and other bacteria/viruses = 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the surfaces will begin to dry  - leaving windows open is not essential but can help to dry. If left to air dry, a residual coating remains for longer protection from micro-organisms Recommended re-entry time for the room is 20 to 30 mins the prodcut is food safe so can be used on food prep surfaces, restaurant tables etc.


PPE required:

It is recommended that the operator use a respirator mask (KN95 or equivalent), gloves and safety goggles.

Advantages of using the S-3 Sprayer:
- Rapid deployment
- Tough construction copes with rigorous on-site situations
- Light weight - under 12kg for easy handling by operatives
- 15m hose ensures minimum movement of machine - set up, and it’s simple to work on sanitising within the reach of the hose with only the gun in your hand
- Includes a specifically designed spray tip that ensures maximum surface coverage and fogging
- Full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

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