Take Away Packaging

Here at Hugh Jordan we have an extensive selection of Take Away Food Packaging available to buy online at great prices. Our Take Away Food Packaging is great value and perfect for low cost solutions to food service. 

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    104 products found.

    16oz White Noodle Containers

    47cl (Box/500)

    Small White Snack Box

    12.75 x 11.5cm (Box/450)

    Medium Foil Tray (Box/500)

    18.5x9x5cm Foil Tray (Box/500)

    Full Foil Gastronorm Tray

    527 x 325 x 38mm | ctn/50

    Lid For Medium Foil Tray (Box/500)

    Lid For 18.5x9x5cm Foil Tray (Box/500)

    Lid For Large Foil Tray (Box/250)

    Lid For 23x23cm Foil Tray (Box/250)

    13x9x4cm Plastic Chip Punnett (Box/2000)

    12.7x8.9x4cm Plastic Chip Container (Box/2000)

    13x9x5cm Plastic Chip Punnett (Box/2000)

    12.7x8.9x5cm Plastic Chip Container (Box/2000)

    Cardboard Chip Container (Box/2000)

    12x11x5cm Cardboard Chip Container (Box/2000)

    4oz Black Plastic Ramekin (Box/2500)

    12cl (4oz) Black Plastic Ramekin (Box/2500)

    Lid For 4oz Ramekin (Box/2500)

    Lid For 4oz Ramekin (Box/2500)

    16oz)Microwaveable Container (Box/250)

    47cl (16oz) Microwaveable Container (Box/250)