Summer Inspired Crockery

It’s officially summer! In honour of the nice weather that is hopefully coming our way we’ve picked some of our favourite colourful collections that will bring a bit of summer to your tabletop!


NEW! RAKstone Krush Electra

Bring the crystal-clear waters of a tropical holiday to your table with the stunning RAKstone Krush in Electra. The combination of bright blue and unique texture elevates even the simplest of dishes to breathtaking levels.

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Stonecast: Spiced Orange, Red Berry, Mustard Seed, Blue Cornflower

With a wide range of colours to choose from, the Stonecast range from Churchill has something for every season. Evoke the feeling of sunshine and blue skies with their new Spiced Orange, Red Berry, Mustard Seed, & Blue Cornflower colours. Every Stonecast piece is hand decorated with a fine speckle and rustic edge adding to it's summery feel.


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Degrenne Blue Shades 

Designed with nature in mind, the Blue Shades collection from Degrenne takes its inspiration from infinite blue skies and stark blue oceans. The elegant halo of this collection crowns dishes and perfects every plating.   


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Steelite Aurora Vesuvius

One of their newest collections, Steelite Aurora Vesuvius two-tone glaze embodies the multi-tonal colours that emerge every summer.  With an earthy tone exterior and bright rose quartz or rich amber interior, every piece in this collection resembles that of a bloomed flower – making it perfect for summer.


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Villeroy & Boch Artesano Ocean

Intense ocean colours in cool blue and refreshing turquoise make up the pallete for the expressive Artesano Ocean series. Completely hand-painted with a rough structural glazes, the concentric circles on each piece are reminiscent of the calm of the ocean on a hot summer day.


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Utopia Santo Cobalt Blue

Rich cobalt blue and earthy brown crash together in a stunning circular pattern akin to the lines left in the sand from the ocean’s waves in Utopia’s Santo collection. Available in a range of shapes and sizes this collection offers an eye-catching canvas for food service.


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Genware Terra Porcelain Seafoam

The Seafoam Terra Porcelain collection from Genware draws inspiration from the coast with it's blend of oceanic colours, providing a calming canvas perfect for presenting fresh, vibrant dishes.


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