Styling your Christmas table-top...


Christmas is a time of year to be celebrated amongst friends and family and a holiday that really brings everyone together. From the moment it hits 8th December in Ireland, we’ll see Christmas decorations up across the country and amazing & inspiring lights outside many houses and businesses. The beauty of Christmas is how it allows us to express our true creativity in designing our Christmas trees, our light displays and creating a homely and festive feel all around. It’s also a well-known fact that food plays a huge role in all houses across the UK and Ireland, being a meal full of tradition. Over the years, many families have brought secret recipes for starters, sides and deserts to their Christmas meal, with each meal in each house being unique. It’s also important to bring this personal, family orientated touch to your restaurant or hotel at Christmas time.


While food has always been the main event, creating the table-top display has been an important factor amongst homes & businesses as it really creates the amazing festive atmosphere that we all love and cherish. It can be a difficult task to design a table presentation to wow your guests but including certain components can help the overall mood of your meal. Whether you are creating a table presentation for friends or family at home or are designing a display for your business for work Christmas parties or restaurant table settings, take a quick look at some ways you cans style our products from this year’s Christmas range.  




When searching for your ideal Christmas table-top, you can never go wrong with including traditional colours in your design like these red and gold Christmas crackers. Wow your guests with a warm and festive display and interpret a traditional colour scheme. Going for a theme like this is idea for family gatherings or for a Christmas banquet. 





Gold & Cream displays can really add a luxurious touch to any presentations whilst maintaining a traditional theme. Our ‘Duni’ range which is available online, has a wide range of napkins & Christmas crackers to help you create the most perfect table-setting.





If you’re looking to opt for something a little different, why not toy with the option of including a black, silver or gold theme on your table setting. Re-imagine your Christmas table-top display and try a more adventurous display.



If you’re interesting in shopping our full Christmas range online, visit our online store now by clicking here. What way are you setting your table this year? Let us know your Christmas theme on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and send us pictures of your displays!