Steal the Look: Selling Sunset

Last week we looked at the food presentation of Season 3 of Netflix’s Selling Sunset and picked our favourite crockery, glassware, and more butit wasn’t just Season 3 that left us with food envy. 


This week we looked at past seasons and the great looks we saw while the girls dished out the drama.


Looking back Season 1 was tame enough, centring more around the new girl Chrishell and her trying to fit in with other agents in the Oppenheim Group.


Inviting everyone to his house, Jason along with his twin Brett had fans laughing as they plated their takeaway and joked about passing it on as their own cooking.


Hugh Jordan Takeaway Packaging


We must say though, the sturdy design of containers used seemed to have gotten the food there in one piece at least! We offer a range of food packaging options from compostable to microwavable, which you can see here – Hugh Jordan Food Packaging


Hugh Jordan Wooden Bowls


As we saw last week at the Friendsgiving it is clear the Oppenheim brothers really love their wood accessories. In this Season we see Jason transplanting the caprese salad from the takeaway containers to a beautiful wooden bowl similar to our Acracia Moonstone Bowl


Hugh Jordan Wood Bowls


Later in the scene you can see Brett plating the Steak and veggies on a chunky wooden platter, the fish on a thinner wooden platter with raised sides, and the sides in some charming smooth rounded wooden bowls.

If you’re like Brett and love the look of wooden platters and bowls we offer a range of styles, grains, and designs – which you can find here.



Hugh Jordan Hi Ball Bamboo Skewer


One of the main scenes of drama this season came when a few of the girls meet for lunch and Maya orders a virgin mojito served in a hi-ball glass garnished with fresh limes skewered with a looped bamboo skewer.


Chrishell lets it slip that Maya’s pregnant (something only she knew) as Maya looks on with a “I can’t believe her” expression as she sips away.


Hugh Jordan Glassware Selling Sunset


Before she was married to a billionaire, Christine was courted by her long-time friend recent millionaire, who took her out for some awe-inspiring cocktails.


Served with dry ice in a classic style martini glass, even the hard to please Christine approved.


Hugh Jordan Martini Glassware


Maybe all cocktails should be served with dry ice?


Hugh Jordan Selling Sunset Stonecast


Season 2 was all about Mary and her wedding to Romain. In the above scene we see them meeting to talk about the wedding while having a coffee. We love the mix matched feel of this Parisian style shop, serving both a brown and white version of Steelite’s Craft range.



Hugh Jordan Selling Sunset Stonecast 


Romain definitely approves.



Hugh Jordan Chalk Menu Boards


Later in the Season we see Mary and Davina hash it out, but while the awkward silences alone are worth the watch, we couldn’t get over these cute miniature blackboards the restaurant used as their specials menus! Simple, cute, and easily changeable from day to day, what a great idea!


Hugh Jordan Oven to Table


Another favourite from this place was these oven to table cast iron pans they used, and pairing it with a chunky wooden serving board? Ingenious! 


While Mary and Davina chose a more rustic industrial restaurant to dine, Christine, Maya, and Heather went with a more classic choice, setting their table with Churchill’s white and gold stonecast range.


Hugh Jordan Selling Sunset Crockery Steelite


This range is easily stackable (as Christine shows us above) and is a great option for places looking to move away from the traditional all white crockery.


Selling Sunset Hugh Jordan Stonecast Crockery


The plates looked so well they even got their own zoom shot by the camera crew!


Hugh Jordan Glassware Milkshake Selling Sunset



We love the classic look of this glassware that Maya’s milkshake came in, and apparently the camera crew did as well since it got it’s own close up as well!


Hugh Jordan Milkshake Selling Sunset Steal The Look


The vintage feel of this glass goes perfectly with the rustic hand decorated design of the Stonecast crockery.


Hugh Jordan Serving Accessories Selling Sunset


The bright colours of these sweet potato fries pair perfectly with this stainless steel serving basket. Paired with the milkshake glass and we get the feeling of a delicious old style diner.


While we have to wait til next year for Season 4 to premier, we’re sure it will be filled with even more drama, drinks, and food!


Looking impress like the restaurants in Selling Sunset? We offer the latest and greatest from top brands like Steelite, Churchill, and Dudson at a great value – shop now and get free delivery on all orders over €75!

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