Six Essential Knives for Any Kitchen

Six Essential Knives for Any Kitchen

It’s always good to have the right tools to help in your culinary creations. However, knowing which tools you need is a task within itself. Having the right knife and a good knife especially is essential to any kitchen, whether you’re a professional chef or a novice in the kitchen, but knowing what knife to choose is the tricky part. Fear not, because we have you covered with this guide on what the knives are for and when to use 'em!


Santoku and Santoku Scalloped Chef Knives


The Santoku knife is a highly versatile knife with roots in Japan. The knife’s name refers to the three cutting tasks that the knife performs well: Slicing, Dicing and Mincing. These knives have a rounded tip and traditionally feature small indents or dimples on the edge of the blade know as a Granton Edge or Scallops (as pictured on the second knife on the left). The Granton Edge has always been popular on Santoku knives, due to its ability to enhance the knife’s cutting and slicing performance. For peeling anything sticky or watery from the knife, especially if cutting large quantities, then the Scalloped Santoku knife is best here.

The Santoku knife is similar to a standard Chef’s Knife in that it can be used for a multitude of kitchen tasks. The Santoku knives should normally stay sharp for a long time, so there is no need for them to be sharpened regularly.



Chef’s Knife



The Chef’s Knife is the most common and versatile ‘everyday’ knife. The knife is multi-purpose, and performs well at many different kitchen tasks such as slicing, mincing, chopping veg, disjointing large cuts and slicing meat.  This is the most important knife to have in the kitchen because of its versatility. The blades ideal length should be between 8” – 9”. This knife is one that needs to be sharpened regularly so it might be worthwhile to have a knife sharpener handy!



Flexible Filleting Knife




The Filleting Knife has a very long and thin blade, normally around 6 to 11 inches long, making them good for moving along the backbone and under the skin of the meat. This knife is flexible too, so it’s really useful for getting into the nitty gritty. If you’re a fish lover, this is one tool you want in your kitchen, as it is the perfect knife for filleting fish, and helpful for removing bones!



Tanto Utility Knife



The Tanto blade is extremely tough and was originally designed for armour piercing. It has a high point and a flat grind, which leaves an extremely strong point for stabbing tough materials. The blade is specifically tailored for piercing and slashing hard materials, such as tough meats. So if you’re going to be dealing with a lot of hard materials in your kitchen, then this is knife you will need!




Usuba Vegetable Knife




The Usaba Vegetable Knife is another knife with its roots in Japan. It’s thin, flat edge is perfect for its designated purpose which is chopping vegetables. It is quite a thin knife and allows for thinner slices and better cuts. This knife is normally on one side, which depends on the dominant hand of the user. This is an essential knife for any kitchen, as vegetables are an important ingredient in almost any meal!


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