Simple 3-Ingredient Soup Recipes!


With Summer coming to a close and the darker nights around the corner, hearty soups are what we need. In the winter months our bodies crave warmth and comfort, and there is nothing better to give you that feeling that with an amazing soup!


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Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup

All you need for this great soup is one large onion, one sweet potato and one large pepper. Add water or chicken stock and once everything is soft cooked, puree the food in a food processor or with a soup gun. (Luckily we have great soup gun on offer to help you make this beautiful soup!)


Pumpkin & Coconut Soup

All this recipe requires is coconut milk, pumpkin and curry paste, garnish with chilli flakes and coriander leaves, if you wish. This soup is hearty and healthy. A top tip is to make a large batch to get you through the cold winter days. While you’re at it, why not pair this amazing soup with a stylish soup bowl and soup spoon?


Celery, Potato and Onion Soup

All that this recipe requires is one chopped head of celery, one waxy potato and one chopped medium onion. Bring these to the boil and add chicken stock .This soup is a great winter warmer and can be made in minutes. To keep your soup warm and fresh, we have the perfect soup kettle on offer at a great price. To keep your on-the-go customers happy, why not serve up these amazing soups in a to-go container? Just what you need!


We love these recipes, but what is your favourite soup?


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2/7/2020 8:43 AM
I too love soups, so filling healthy and what the whole family needs on a cold winters day. Great post I will defiantly be trying some!
<a href="">rose martine</a>
3/28/2020 9:08 AM
Here is a variation which keeps the chicken really moist. grill on pan for the time suggested, then move to a roasting pan. pour a little chicken stock over to coat and cover bottom of pan, then bake 8-10 minutes. The chicken will be very moist while still cooking thoroughly.
6/10/2020 10:05 AM
Looks so good! Hmmm, I love ramen but this looks too involved for me. I’m too much of a health snob to eat packaged ramen though, although tempting – would rather save my fat for favorite treats. Thanks for helping me get hungry though! ????