Serving Accessories

Choose from our exciting selection of tableware and serving accessories that will bring your dining display to the next level. We have beautiful ramekins and serving dishes, alongside fun and quirky pieces, such as mini milk bottles and quaint enamelware. Shop the Hugh Jordan collection below!

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    16cm Enamel Oblong Dish

    16cm Enamel Oblong Dish

    Varick Square Ramekin 7.9cm (8.2cl)

    3 1/8"x1 1/8" - 2.75oz - CTN/36

    14cm White Enamel Bowl

    14cm White Enamel Bowl

    Mini Milk Bottle

    12cl (4.5oz) | To be used with SDCRATE91127

    Black Ramekin 2oz (57ml)


    Stainless Steel Oval Flat 25cm

    25cm (10") Oval Stainless Steel Meat Flats

    12cm White Enamel Bowl

    12cm White Enamel Bowl

    White Enamel Oblong Dish 18cm

    18cm | SOLD EACH

    14cm Cast Iron Round Pan

    14cm Cast Iron Round Pan

    Enamel Mug Red 36cl

    12.5oz - 8 x 9cm (H x Dia)

    Cast Iron Round Pan

    10cm (4")

    Enamel Rice Plate 22cm

    Sold EACH

    White Enamel Pudding Bowl

    16cm White Enamel Bowl