Scanbox: Food Transportation Storage Box

Introducing the ScanBox… a state of the art, innovative way to carry and transfer your food items from one destination to another, ensuring safety and consistent temperature! Ergonomic in its design, this product ensures your staff will be satisfied and your guest’s food will stay the right temperature. Now available with Hugh Jordan, this product is a must-have in any catering business. If you’re interested in purchasing this product, read all about this amazing product below.



How Did It All Begin?

In the 1980s, a man called Olle Hurst worked for a company who manufactured food storage transportation boxes – he had many ideas & visions on how to further develop and better this product but the company he worked for did not share his view - he decided to leave and further develop this product from his home garage. After meeting with the bank to seek funding, he met Jim who was the branch manager at the time– they both shared the passion to drive this product and so Jim also left his job, with both men then launching the company ScanBox Thermo-products AB. Fast forward years into the further development of the company, ScanBox now focuses on their main product, which is the ScanBox Food Transportation Storage box. These carts are lightweight, elegant & versatile, with even some of them weighing half the weight of other food storage carts on the market today.


About The Product

The ScanBox is a food transportation storage cart that is more than unique!  ScanBox has 25 years’ experience in developing food holding equipment, focusing on ergonomics, safety, and design. Due to its extensive and wide array of customers such as hotels, hospitals and caterers alike, they understand that customers need a product that is both durable & lightweight, with a robust design. With its focus on a convenient design and easy transportation, ScanBox offers a wide range of attachments to help provide an efficient way for your food to travel and helps reduce risk for your staff while ensuring the food remains the highest of qualities.

The ScanBox is made with anodized aluminium on the inside and plastic laminate reinforced by fibreglass on the outside, which makes these boxes amazing in the case of impact resistance. Its 30mm insulation holds the temperature for long period of time and the solid, stainless steel chassis has sturdy and easy rolling 160mm castors as standard.  In terms of collision, the solid chassis of the storage cart has a plastic covered bumper surrounding it, to ensure protection in all situations. The stainless steel top rail protects the box and serves as a handle to tow, also facilitating loading your crockery and dry goods on top. A digital display for temperature setting is used for all ScanBox­es and has a feature that indicates when the box has reached its requested temperature. For the comfort of you and your staff, this display is found at eye level – further assisting the proof of ergonomic thinking.  The box has detachable and replaceable seals, which makes for an easy cleaning experience for you.  The air also circulates evenly between the carts which ensure an equal heating on all items stored.






Key Features

  •          Combine heating/cooling/ambient to fit your needs
  •          Detachable racks
  •          160 mm castors
  •          Plastic reinforced by fibreglass and aluminium
  •          Easily operated LED-display
  •          Choose your colour
  •          Bumpers on top and bottom




The ScanBox is a great product to invest in for you hotel, restaurant or catering business. If you’re interesting in purchasing this product, contact us now in Hugh Jordan by phone on 01-862-7200. In the meantime, why not check out our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts to keep up to date with our latest news, offers & new product updates. To shop online, visit us now at