Rise of Outdoor Eating & Furniture

With the horrendous weather we have been having as of late (and will be continuing to have), now would seemingly be a good time to begin to plan for the summer ahead. With the increasing warmer and sunnier summers we have been getting in both Ireland & the UK, people are looking at more options for their outdoor areas as well as their dining experiences. The past number of years, Ireland has experienced heatwaves and an increasingly warmer climate during the summer months which has led to more and more people beginning to eat al fresco both at home and while out in restaurants and bars. Restaurants and bars are embracing this new dining trend and are offering al fresco options for their customers throughout the summer months. With this increasing trend, Restaurants and bars need to have both the outdoor space and the appropriate outdoor furniture to be a success when the weather improves enough for their customer to enjoy the trend of outdoor eating!


If businesses are planning to offer alfresco dining and al fresco cooking as well as their regular offerings, there are a lot more elements to consider. Customers require for their food to be cooked swiftly, especially if it is to be cooked outdoors so businesses need to consider how feasible this would be if they were to implement an outdoor catering area. Having to queue for food can also be off putting to customers and can potentially ruin their al fresco dining experience. BBQs can be an easy solution for many restaurants and bars to use as a quick method of creating an outdoor eating atmosphere. Below we have a small selection of our available ranges of outdoor furniture. To see more of our Furniture range visit our website or contact our furniture specialist who can provide you with more details about our furniture, whose details you will find at the bottom of this page.


The Roma table base has a stainless steel base & an aluminium column, with a reinforced aluminium top cross that fixes the table base to the table top. The table base is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.







Nolita is a classic Italian collection of outdoor chairs and tables. The chair is available with low or high back rest, completely made of steel and designed specifically for outdoors. They are also stackable for convenience and made in range of different colours.



Dome is a collection of chairs that evokes the glorious tradition of bistro chairs with arched silhouettes and the generous shapes of the domes of the monuments that embellish many cities in the world. The polypropylene chair has delicate details that recall the joints of wood. 



To purchase or inquire about any of our furniture, please contact our furniture specialist Claudio Guastavino: Email: claudio.guastavino@hughjordan.com Phone: +353 (0)87 9900278

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