Ring Of Kerry 2016

On July the 2nd the Hugh Jordan team completed the 180km cycle through the Ring of Kerry in aid of Talbot Grove. 

Tablot Grove are an excellent charity who hold a 30 day Residential Programme that is available to those suffering from Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Gambling, Eating Disorders and other addictions. Limited to 12 participants, this is an intensive programme and provides a secure foundation for on-going abstinence and recovery. Each treatment programme is tailored for each participant and their particular needs. It includes Individual Counselling, Group Therapy, Addiction Education and other activities. We are proud to announce that we have raised over €7,000 towards this amazing charity and had a great day out in the process. 

There were a total on 19 members on the team who competed with Hugh Jordan and helped raise money for Talbot Grove. It was a difficult cycle, but we got through it! 

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