Steelite Crockery

Steelite International is a World-Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Award-Winning, Inspirational Crockery Ranges for the International Hospitality Industry.

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    Steelite Monaco Low Cup

    22.75cl (8oz)

    Steelite Simplicty Slimline Plate 20.25cm

    20.25cm (8") | CTN/24

    Steelite Monaco Low Cup

    34cl (12oz)

    Steelite Rio Green Low Cup 8oz

    22.75cl (8oz) | CTN/36

    Steelite Monaco Vogue Plate

    20.25m (8")

    Steelite Alvo Oatmeal Bowl

    16.5cm (6.5")

    Steelite Simplicity Grand Cafe Cup 28cl

    28.5cl (10oz) | CTN/36

    Steelite Simplicity Slimline Plate 15.75cm

    15.75cm (6.25") | CTN/36

    Steelite Monaco Vogue Plate

    16.5cm (6.5")

    Steelite Monaco Saucer

    15.25cm (6")

    Steelite Plain Ivory Low Cup 12oz

    12oz (34cl) | CTN/36

    Steelite Simplicity Quench Mug

    28.5cl (10oz)