Our New Virtual Christmas Cracker

With Christmas looking a lot different than previous years, we have a solution to your Christmas cracker problems: our new virtual Christmas cracker. This allows for groups to still have the enjoyment of Christmas while maintain the social distancing restrictions that are now in place.



Our Virtual Christmas Cracker is an innovative, sustainable, hygienic and socially conscious alternative to a traditional cracker. The virtual cracker still provides the festive party fun that would not be the same with the covid safety regulations. With this virtual cracker you can be sure that your guests will have a fun and safe dining experience under the current restrictions and allows a modern twist on the traditional Christmas cracker while still maintain a more hygienic alternative.


The pochette which contains the virtual cracker is recyclable once used and can be used as a hygienic sealable cutlery envelope: just insert, peel and seal. This keeps your cutlery protected and can be pre-loaded for quick and easy service. In this pochette you will find a Christmas hat, a QR code to gain access to the web app, simple instructions and the story of this virtual cracker.


How it works:

1. Scan QR code with your mobile device. There is no need to download an app to gain access to the virtual cracker.


2. Pull your digital Christmas cracker.



3. Christmas joke and digital prizes.



4. Share selfie on social media.



5.  Play the Christmas quiz.



6. Make a donation to Shelter.



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