Our January Stock Clearance

With the start of this New Year, we take a look at the some of the offers in our stock clearance section. We have a wide variety of items in our clearance and we take a look at some of our top picks.




  • Edlund UV Sterilising Cabinet: The patented KSUV-18 Sterilizer Cabinet has been proven to provide superior sterilization for knives and other kitchen utensils compared to other methods or similar products that use magnetic bars or metal racks to secure those items. Now, with the emergence of the corona virus, you can also re-purpose the power of the UV-C light to sterilize masks for re-use.


  • Vollrath Planetary Food Mixer 10L: An innovative solution for small kitchens, the Vollrath Countertop Planetary Food Mixer is an excellent choice for commercial environments. With a compact size, this mixer has a small footprint and takes up very little table top or countertop space. This size also makes the Vallrath Countertop Mixer easy to move around the kitchen and easier to clean. The non-skid rubber base ensures this food mixer stays in place.


  • Unifrost Double Hinged Door Bar Cooler: This high impact merchandiser refrigerator is ideal for storing beverages in bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels. A black finish exterior gives the cabinet an elegant feel and provides good visibility for displaying products. The digital display is protected by an antisplash cover and shows the temperature constantly.





In our crockery clearance section there is a wide variety of different crockery collections to mix and match. We also have our Titan range from Royal Porcelain to choose from.


  •  Royal Porcelain Titan: The Titan Range is part of the Royal Porcelain brand offering contemporary style combined with durability at a great price. Titan's large and versatile range, designed specifically for hotels and restaurants, provides the maximum in functionality, while its excellent design and durability creates stunning table scenarios. The Titan range gives any tableware setting that extra signature looks whilst maintain the strong Royal Porcelain brand dedication to overall quality and performance.







  •  Arden 18/10 Stainless Steel Knife: The Table Knife from the Arden Bright Range from Robert Welch is the right choice for every table. Arden cutlery is a versatile range that includes the Table Knife that has a classic design that will complement any table setting. The elegant and slender profile is combined with delicate lines and a polished mirror stainless steel finish, which makes the knife a stylistic choice for main dishes.



  •  Light Black Jumbo Polywood Steak Knife: Jumbo Steak Knife with polywood handles and pointed Blade which is dishwasher proof.






  •  No. 1 Compostable Food Carton: These containers use white lined chip and corrugated grades that contain pulp made up of post-consumer and manufacturing waste. Any materials in direct contact with food are made from virgin fibres. This packaging can be recycled to form materials for the manufacturing of new products.


  • Recyclable Takeaway Hot Cup: This Hot Cup 350ml 12oz is a premium product in ribbed light brown paperboard.  The ribbing gives an extra layer of insulation to protect hands from the heat of hot drinks.





  •  Arcoroc Millesime Wine Glass:  The Millesime's large surface area allows the wine to oxygenate, enhancing the smell and flavours. This Wine Glass is perfect for serving white wine during meals. The Millesime Range of Wine Glasses' "Sheer Rim Technology" ensures a premium finish without impacting on strength and performance. Fine rim product that are designed to enhance the drinking experience.


  •  Pavina Double Walled Glass: The Pavina Double Wall Glasses keep hot drinks hot without burning fingers and keep cold drinks cold without messy condensation, making them the ideal vessels for every beverage, from cocktails to cocoa. Dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.


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