Our Favourite Tableware Collections for Reopening

With restrictions coming to an end on the 22nd of October, we take a look at our favourite tableware collections to give you inspirations for reopening.





RAKstone gets its inspiration from the process of hand modelling and decoration in traditional studio pottery. Both the EASE and SPOT ranges are made of high quality materials and come in a variety of earthy coloured tones. RAKstone products are individually hand decorated by RAK’s experienced operators meaning that no two pieces are the same. Sets of products with different shades and colour intensities give the collection its handmade character and colour variations.

RAKstone Ease


Ease reflects unrivalled luxury. The interplay of speckled colours and the durability of stoneware results in distinct porcelain pieces that adorn dining tables with novelty.

RAKstone Spot



Timeless elegance defines Spot, its abstract and a unique pattern lends visual perfection on to plated meals. The grit and grace of natural stone is crafted on premium quality porcelain. Check out our new RAKstone flyer to see the entire collections.



Melody Glassware




Exclusive to Hugh Jordan, the Melody collection uses environmentally friendly glass melt crystalite with added titanium.Each glass is designed to showcase even the most subtle notes in your drinks whether it's wine, whiskey, or a trendy cocktail, giving your customers the perfect melody of flavours.




Our plain cutlery range provides a cost effective solution to your catering needs. Found across all sectors of the hospitality industry our high quality 18/0 steel cutlery is durable enough for even the busiest of catering environments. The simple and elegant design is suitable for all occasions and catering establishments.



Harley cutlery is decorative without being overly elaborate. These pieces are built with style and comfort in mind and produced from the highest quality stainless steel.Parish patterns will look beautiful on any table, be it in a cafe, restaurant and hotel, or even in your home. This range is highly durable to meet the requirements of daily use in busy environments.


JVD Air Purifiers



The JVD Shield Air Purifiers are professional air purifiers made in France, and which conforms to the NF B44-200 standard covering an area of 60m2. This invisible shield protects you from nuisances in the air. Viruses, pollutants, odours and allergens that enter Shield’s action area are immediately neutralized and then eliminated, creating a real living bubble all around you. With Shield, you can breathe perfectly pure, safe air, to preserve your health both at work and at home.


JVD’s technology treats all sources of pollution and contamination until they are 100% harmless. Nothing can withstand it: odours, viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens, pollutants and contaminants dispersed as particulate matter in the ambient air. A self-cleaning filter means no filters to replace and the JVD Shield Air Purifier is serviceable for 10+ years and spare parts will be available for JVD for at least 10 years. There is little upkeep required for these Air Purifiers. They are made from materials with a low environmental impact and the components have long lifespans. For more information, check out our brochure by clicking here.


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