Our Essential Wine Glasses

You’re probably wondering why some customers are fussy when it comes to their wine glass – if you’re trying to understand wine and experience all the flavours, the glass is vital – this is in order to maximise taste and accentuate the flavour. To find out about the different types of wine, check out our guide to wine here.


Enjoying wine is all about the aromas released as the alcohol volatilizes from the surface of the wine. Having an increased surface area is a benefit to optimize releasing aromas while drinking.  There are many wine glasses that you can choose from in order to boast the taste, whether you mainly serve sweet or dry, white or red, robust or light, or champagne, sherry or port! Check out our essential wine glasses we have to offer in order to maximise your guests experience!




1) Riedel Degustazione Red Wine Glass 56cl – A classic large wine glass, the Riedel Red Wine Glass is the perfect large glass for your guests to experience a full-bodied, aromatic wine. The thin rim of this glass makes it easier to drink from and also lets the wine do the talking and allows your guests to enjoy the taste!


2) Arcoroc Cabernet Wine Goblet 16oz (47cl) – Quite similar to the Riedel Red Wine Glass, this slightly smaller glass is perfect for wine tasting due to thin rim. The long stem helps for a comfortable experience for your guests.


3) Cabernet Young Wine Glass 12oz (35cl) – The smallest glass of the three, this Cabernet glass is an essential any wine lover – the large bowl (broader than the other two) with narrower top directs wine to the tip of the tongue, allowing the drinker to detect flavour nuances.






1) Wine Goblet 6oz (19cl) – The Wine Goblet is the perfect catering wine glass due to its classic and elegant look and its durability. This glass may not be the perfect shape for tasting, it definitely suits any banqueting table-top and is perfect for any white wine.


2) Arcoroc Lineal Wine / Goblet Glass 11oz (31cl) – Made from toughened glass, the Lineal Wine Glasses are the premier choice for serving wine at dinner parties. Designed to be extra shock resistant, these pieces of stemware can withstand a few knocks to ensure you won't have to clear up broken glass after your next dinner party. Larger opening guides wine to the tip and sides of tongue, enabling the palate to detect the sweetness of the wine.


3) Open Up Universal Tasting Wine Glass 40cl -  The Open Up Universal Tasting Wine Glass is the ideal glass for wine tasting, it is a contemporary and stylish glass that delivers an exquisite tasting experience. This glass is suitable for the tasting of both red and white wines, particularly young white wines. The angled bowl shape of the glass enables the flavours in the wine to develop and allows for perfect portion control. The glass is suited to restaurants, wine tastings, hotels and bars.





1) Mencia Champagne Flute 17cl (6oz) - The modern angular bowl shape of the Mencia Champagne Flute reduces the need for decanting by oxygenating and enhancing the taste of wine. This glass is fully tempered and is made to withstand rigorous use in a wide range of environments.


2) Champagne Saucer 24cl - An older but traditional style, this Champagne saucer will add a timeless, elegant, chicness for your guests and stand the test of time! Versatile, as it’s ideal for serving cocktails also.


3) Port Glass 12cl - The Port Glass is the only way to serve port. The stemmed glass design sits perfectly in the palm of the hand. The wide base and thin rim helps for an excellent tasting experience for your guests.


4) Sherry Liqueur Glass 2.25oz -  A modern take on the traditional sherry glass, this glass allows your guests to experience the full taste the sherry has to offer. With sherry being served as dessert or an aperitif, this glass is perfect for your guest to finish with.


What glass do you find essential to your bar, restaurant or hotel? We have a wide range of glasses available online for you to shop to suit any type of catering or hospitality business or simply to suit your home. To shop wine glasses, visit our online store here. In the meantime, why not keep up to date with our special offers and new products on our FacebookTwitter & Instagram