Our Christmas Gift Guide...



In Ireland, the unique and contagious Christmas spirit is truly irresistable and a time enjoyed by all across the country. Christmas, is a time to spend with family and friends and to celebrate with great food, amazing company and of course – exchanging of gifts. Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what the best presents are to buy your loved ones but we’ve found that theres no safer option than a hamper filled a variety of products to suit their taste. This Christmas at Hugh Jordan, we have decided to create and design five different pre-made gift hampers that you can personalise to suit all.  






Tea Hamper

With tea being one of the most popular drinks in Ireland today, you can never go wrong with a hamper  including some of the most essential products available to make the perfect cuppa’! This hamper can be created to suit the person receiving the gift or using some of our most sought after products. We all have that family member who will only drink their tea out of a certain mug, so we would make sure to include one of our favourites, which is our ‘Enamel Mug’ – the perfect size for tea lovers! This gift baskets also includes a teapot, a tea scoop, a teapot filter and of course – Christmas tea. You can purchase our very popular Tea Gift Hamper online here.  







Coffee Hamper
Coffee is no doubt a popular choice of hot beverage amonst our staff here at Hugh Jordan and an extremely popular choice for the morning time – many are now changing from the typical black coffee to being more adventurous with coffees with nut milk and barista styled alternatives. We have created the perfect gift idea for your coffee loving friends including great products such as a french press, two coffee cups & saucers, a coffee scoop and our speciality coffee! These items aren’t mandatory to include as you can visit our store in Bride Street, Dublin 8 to chop & change these. We would recommend a KeepCup – perfect for your friend whos always on the go!







Cocktail Hamper 

It is the party season afterall and there’s no better way to get the party started then celebrating with cocktails and drinks! This cocktail hamper has all the essential products needed to create your perfect Christmas drink and is always fun to play around with at any occasion. This basket includes our essential 11 piece cocktail kit, straws, and tumblers!






Baking Hamper
We all have that member of the family who always brings the tasty treats and cakes to family parties and why not equip them for the season ahead and gift them with one of our baking hampers. This basket comes fully packed with some great pieces including products from Mason Cash! The goodies we recommend would be piping bag’s, an array of cookie cutters, a mixing bowl, a high heat spatula, and sculpting tools – ideal for an avid home baker or either a pastry chef! This hamper is available in our store and can also be chopped and changed depending on your price range and preference.





Chef Hamper
In the hospitality industry, Christmas time is the busiest time of year for waiters, bartenders and chefs! It’s a time where everyone gets together and enjoys drinks and many meals which does put pressure on your staff. A chef’s job is not easy and involves long hours and high pressure, but why not show your appreciating to your chef’s this season and treat them to some brand new knifes in pieced together in a hamper! This basket is ideal for gifting as a token of appreciation to one of your staff members during the busy season, or simply for a family member or friend who works as a chef. Quality is always important when purchasing chef knives and this particular basket includes brands such as Firm Grip & Victorinox – the essential chef gift this season. This hamper is available online here.



Our hampers are specially designed considering what would make the perfect gift this season and these are easily changed to suit all. Why not pop in to our store in Bride Street, Dublin 8 and take a look at our gift ideas or shop our full range online here.