Our Christmas Essentials

With only a few weeks to go before the holiday season really kicks into swing, we’ve put together a list of must have products to ensure your business runs as smooth as possible. 


See our Christmas Essentials in our new brochure in Euro or Sterling 



After a year of lockdowns and ever-changing restrictions, we expect this year to be busier than ever – which is way we’re offering a free 5th case of select crockery ranges when you buy 4 cases*. See the deals below: 


*Offer not available for online orders - Contact us to avail of offers – 01 862 7200 | sales@hughjordan.com

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Royal Porcelain


Durable, classic, and economical, Royal Porcelain’s range of crockery is perfect for those looking for reliable whiteware that will last. 


Mix and match any 4 cases of the royal porcelain products highlighted in our brochure to get a 5th case free! 






Looking for whiteware that still stands out? Steelite’s Distinction and Performance collections are currently on offer for buy 4 cases get the 5th free. 




Mix and match between some of Steelite’s top whiteware options: Monaco, Willow, Spyro, Simplicity, Taste, Bead, Nordic, Freestyle, & Liv.




Each with their own distinct design, these ranges are the perfect way to add texture and a touch of style to your table. 


Rak Porcelain



Known for its functionality, durability, and minimalist elegance, RAK Banquet is a perfect addition to any table from casual dining to five star.With a wide range of products, RAK Banquet is perfect for those looking for upgrade their crockery for the holiday season. 


View the RAK Banquet collection in our RAK flyer in Euro or Sterling


Or view the collection online - https://www.hughjordan.com/en/banquet


RAKstoneNot apart of the Buy 4 get the 5th offer


One of our newest ranges, RAKstone is an amalgamation of the best of both worlds as it flaunts the look and finish of stoneware yet is fully vitreous and edge resistant like porcelain.


Timeless elegance defines Spot, its abstract and unique patterns lends visual perfection on to plated meals. The grit and grace of natural stone is crafted on premium quality porcelain.


Ease reflects unrivalled luxury. The interplay of speckled colours and the durability of stoneware results in distinct porcelain pieces that adorn dining tables with novelty.


Both SPOT and EASE are available in multiple colours and are the perfect addition to any holiday table. 


View our Rakstone flyer to see the complete collection in Euro and Sterling 


Shop Rakstone online - https://www.hughjordan.com/en/rakstone



With stock selling out fast - now is the time to stock up on all your glassware essentials for the holiday season. 


Our Christmas highlights some of must have glassware from pint glasses to our durable and crystal-clear Melody collection. 


View our Glassware brochure in Euro and Sterling


Shop glassware online - https://www.hughjordan.com/en/quality-glassware-online



Ensure your bar is stocked with everything they need to get through the holidays with our selection of barware essentials like shakers, strainers, and stirrers.  


Shop barware online - https://www.hughjordan.com/en/barware


Looking to offer something new this Christmas? Why not offer Frozen Hot Chocolate?


Simply blend (https://www.hughjordan.com/en/18l-hamilton-beach-fury-blender) chocolate syrup, hot chocolate mix, sugar, milk, and ice until smooth. Top with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for some extra pizzazz! 




This Holiday season we’re launching 2 new ranges of cutlery – 18/10 Gastro & 18/0 Sara




• A chic all-rounder

• Wide, flat handle parts give a pleasant feel

• Modern and timeless for any occasion


Simplicity is key in the GASTRO range. The harmoniously and similarly-shaped items in this cutlery collection have clearly contoured silhouettes without any flourishes or embellishments. Each piece in the set shares the same visual appearance and easy handling. Yet the model's elegant proportions also make this cutlery suitable for a wide range of uses. Depending on the table decorations and porcelain used, its visual charms either fade into the background or take centre stage. Two things that never change, however, are the high quality and perfect balance that make eating with GASTRO such a pleasure.



• Resistant to corrosion, hard-wearing

• Completely dishwasher safe

• 13 different cutlery items


Classic design language, newly interpreted: Sara coordinates with all gastronomical concepts! The wide handles make the cutlery extremely comfortable to hold. 


Check out our range of cutlery pochettes for a covid friendly way to display your cutlery –  https://www.hughjordan.com/en/search?cid=0&q=pochette


Gastros & Equipment


One of the most versatile tools of the kitchen, Gastonorms are a must have for the holiday season – view our brochure see all the options – 


The Rhino Soup Gun - Heavy Duty Motor is an essential tool for professional kitchens. Stick blenders are suitable for pureeing vegetables, potatoes, soups, etc. or preparing creams (onion, pepper, tomato, confectioner´s, etc.) and all sorts of sauces. Beater arm for whipping cream or preparing meringue, Chantilly, mayonnaise and Genoese sauce, omelettes, pancake batter, soufflés, etc.


Shop all Rhino equipment here – https://www.hughjordan.com/en/rhino-catering-equipment


Serving large parties? Check out our collection of chafing dishes here - https://www.hughjordan.com/en/-chafing-units-fuel



Colour coding your kitchen is the easiest way to reduce cross contamination during the busy holiday season. 


Our Christmas brochure has great deals on colour coded knives and chopping boards as well as other kitchenware staples like non-stick pans and specialised knives. 



Serving pizza is easier than ever with our collection of pizza equipment – screens, peels, boxes, cutters, and more all in one place. 

Serving takeaway? Browse our food packaging in Euro and Sterling brochures


Hygiene & Back of House


Make cleaning up easy this year with our range of hygiene and janitorial products – we stock everything to ensure your business is disinfected and sparkling


Banqueting Tables


Need to expand your seating area? Zown tables are the perfect solution. Available in a range of sizes – these tables are foldable, lightweight, and sturdy. 


Shop online – https://www.hughjordan.com/en/buy-great-priced-banqueting-furniture-online


Looking for Christmas Crackers & Napkins? Check out our Christmas Flyer in Euro and Sterling


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