New Years Resolution's: A Guide To Food Preparation

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After the full month of December over-indulging in lots of food, crisps, tins of sweets & too many drinks, it’s now time for us to kick start our New Year’s resolutions. From trying to shift those extra pounds that we piled on over Christmas, to figuring out what the best way is to approach exercise, it’s important to plan and set realistic goals. Each year, we are bombarded with many ways to start our healthy eating regime and it’s always a difficult task to discover ways we can keep it up and maintain our goals and not end up giving up by 1st February. What we have come to realise over time is that when looking to lose weight, the main contributor to a successful loss is 70% what you eat and 30% exercise. Amongst all this, preparing and planning your food is the key to achieving your dream. If you interested in starting your new year the right way, we have devised a quick guide to assist you in planning and preparing your food to help you achieve your goals.


Planning Your Menu!
So the first step in approaching your New Year healthy eating plan is preparing each and every meal you have for the week ahead. This involves creating a menu for yourself each week and ensuring you have did your food shopping before you start your busy work with. It’s not uncommon for us to fall off the wagon if we forget to do our healthy food shop, as we commonly just grab and go any convenience foods. So in order to ensure you are ready to transform, write up a weekly menu and do your food shopping based on that, which means you have no choice but to eat healthy!


Invest In The Right Tupperware.
Once you have the right breakfast and lunch boxes to bring with you wherever you can, there will be no excuse for breaking routine. Ensuring you have a wide variety of food storage boxes it helps for transporting sauces or dressings or cooking your food in bulk and having it ready for the week ahead. It also saves you money – you don’t nip into the shop and pick out a sandwich or convenience food when you’re fully prepared for your day. We have a wide range of take-away containers available online perfect for storage of soup or even salads. Click here to check them out. 

Give Yourself Enough Time to Prepare & Cook Food
Allocating time on your weekend to prepare and cook your food is a key factor in succeeding and excelling your weight loss goal.

Keep It Simple!
When it comes to meal preparation, sometimes people can get carried away with themselves and tend to try create over complicated dishes. I know after a while having rice, broccoli & chicken can get a bit boring, but for the first two weeks try and keep it as simple as possible so you get the hang of routine and then once you are used to your new healthy food regime, you can spice things up and add more exciting recipes to your menu.



Treat Yourself!
To me, this is the most important step! When following a strict routine and restricting yourself from certain food, it’s common to find yourself stuck in a rut and feeling a bit deprived of the things you love. The best way to stay on track is to allocate a meal once a week where you can have a tasty dinner or dessert to reward yourself for all you’re hard work. It’s important to recognise the progress you are making and to give yourself a rest for even just one meal a week.




It’s vital when preparing for a healthy eating programme that you are organised in your meal preparation, to make the journey as stress free as possible. There are many ways to approach food preparation but we’d like know, what are you top tips to help guide a beginner for food preparation? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!