New Year, New Hue!

This year we have started to focus more on colour. We decided to ditch the ordinary and begin the year with more vibrant and exciting products. Although product like the plain white plate will always be a classic, we felt it was time to inject some colour to table tops and exhibit the lighter and brighter side of Hugh Jordan.

It was from this idea that Rediscover Colour was born! We implemented our concept in full flow at both Food & Bev Live 2016 & IFEX 2016 this year. Our stands were filled with colourful products and concepts as we wanted to convey all of the ways it can be introduced to your tabletop and displays. Adding colour can be a subtle but beautiful when done right. White plates and white cups, why not add a colourful Forlife teapot? White tabletop, why not add some colourful Bisetti salt & pepper mills? The possibilities are endless when it comes to products and colour.

All across the board you can see colour being introduced more since the beginning of this year. Shops are stocking more and more vibrant colours and even homeware stores are pushing the boundaries in selling more colourful products for households - proof that colour is something consumers are interested in. Whether you are in the industry of fine dining or own a quirky café, colour can be introduced in style anywhere. 

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