New Tabletop Innovations

tabletop tennessee jam jar glass gold lid with hole for tennessee jam jar glass multi coloured straw beer sampling glass with chalkboard crest wooden board for beer sampling glasses baking sheet greaseproof newspaper print paper stainless steel serving ramekin enamel deep plate with blue rim hessian sacking galvanised steel bucket wooden handled box insert for wooden handled box enamel bowl with blue rim onion ring stand olive wooden board wooden condiment unit 25cl milk bottle gold lid for milk bottle cole and mason forest pepper mill canned glass black bendy straws

Improving your tabletop design should be top of your list of priorities over the summer. Many establishments that serve food, and even a few that focus on beverages are improving the look and feel of their tabletop. We've already stated that the fast casual dining scene is thriving in cities like Dublin and Belfast and we've reacted to that trend. Introducing Hugh Jordan's 'What's New Summer 2014' Flyer where you will find product focused on the fast casual dining trend. One of our most notable new ranges is the new handmade wooden pieces, scorched and finished with a rustic, natural effect. Items like the condiment unit and the handled beer cooler will naturally fit in with the casual outdoor dining scene once the weather picks up.

Also included in the new flyer are a number of new beverage pieces that will spice up your drinks menu. Including the 40cl (14oz) Can Glass or the 43cl (13oz) Handled Jam Jar. One piece that we expect to see a lot more of in the coming months and even years is the beer tasting glasses. These glasses have small chalkboard crests attached which allows you to inform the customers of the name or type of each drink they are tasting. Along with the beer tasting serving board, this is a great addition to any establishment that wishes to be seen as a craft beer enthusiast.