New Products For 2014

With the New Year well and truly in full swing, Hugh Jordan is proud to present the brand new Spring Flyer for 2014. This flyer helps us present many new ideas, concepts and creative products that will help enhance your tabletop this Spring. Whether you’re looking for pieces that will make your Buffet Display stand out, or if you need a colourful plate that will help improve the presentation of your signature dish, we’ve got you covered.

The hospitality industry in Ireland is booming again, with new restaurants, bars and hotels popping up nearly every week. Although this is great news for everyone, it means more and more competitors are trying to get a slice of the action. It has become more than just the quality of the food and drink that makes a great establishment. Presentation is vitally important. It makes the customer’s experience more memorable and has the potential to make the food more attractive. First impressions are important. People make their minds up very quickly. The presentation of a dish can often influence how much the customer is going to enjoy it.

Hugh Jordan work hard on finding the most innovative, inventive and visionary products available in the market through world class brands and suppliers. Along with this, we have the knack of creating bespoke and unique solutions which can be seen in our handmade wooden boards and wooden display units.

See below for the full range of our new products which are now available to buy online at the touch of a button.

Buy Enamelware Online from hugh jordan from as little as €2.85

Buy Cast iron dishes online from hugh jordan from as little as €4.25 each

buy jam jar cocktail glasses online from hugh jordan from as little as 40 cent