New Moroccan Now Open In Dublin!

Moro Kitchen
 is a new Moroccan style restaurant open now in Dublin. Located on 21 Camden Street, they offer amazing Moroccan street food in a casual dining setting. 



Before you even try the food you will we wowed by the interior design. Decorated in a mix of fresh patterns, fun decor and authentic Moroccan designs it adds to the authenticity of the food being served.



The menu is a mix between Moroccan and middle eastern well known dishes. This is a menu full of exciting food that can't be rivaled in Dublin and for an amazing price. From spicy harissa falafel wraps, Moroccan style eggs, aubergine pate, marinated grills and the classic merguez, you have plenty of choice depending on your food style. They have something for lunch, dinner and even brunch. 



Moro Kitchen is open from 12noon on Monday – Friday and 10:30am on Saturdays and Sundays.

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