Maintaining Elegance and Warmth: Display & Buffet Solutions for the Joyous Christmas Season

In the world of hospitality, the Christmas season demands a perfect blend of elegance and warmth when presenting your culinary creations. At our one-stop destination, you can explore a diverse assortment of display and buffet solutions, including chic chafers and heating essentials, designed to merge seamlessly with your Christmas-themed décor, enriching the dining experience for your cherished patrons.


Christmas sets the stage for a harvest of indulgent flavors and festive gatherings. As a culinary professional in the hospitality industry, you understand that presentation is key. This season, make sure your buffet table radiates warmth and sophistication.


Display & Buffet

Discover the exquisite world of D.W Haber, where culinary presentation meets sleek sophistication. Their diverse range includes:

Sleek Soup Tureens

Elevate your soup service with tureens designed for modern aesthetics and efficient functionality.


DW Haber Tureen

Modern Carving Plates and Lighting

Present your dishes with precision and style, enhanced by contemporary carving plates and lighting solutions.

DW Haber Carvery Plate & Heating

Risers and Chafers with Wood Finishes

Elevate your buffet setup with risers and chafers featuring wood finishes that add a touch of warmth and Christmas charm to your presentation.

DW Haber Fusion Buffet in Teak

 D.W Haber takes your culinary presentation to the next level, ensuring your dining experience is not only memorable but also stylish and modern.




Elevate your buffet with these top-tier chafers, ensuring your dishes remain warm and inviting.

Stackable Chafing Dish

Solas 6HR Chafing Fuel


Keep your buffet offerings at the perfect temperature for extended periods.



Explore Dalebrook's premium collections that elevate your food presentation to new heights! 


This collection perfectly captures the artisan ceramic look and feel with a range of three colors, adding a convincing touch of authenticity to your tableware. Its rustic styling has been beautifully reimagined to suit contemporary dining settings, making it the perfect addition to your table.


Dalebrook Marl Collection


Designed to mimic the organic look and feel of handcrafted ceramics, the Pigment range effortlessly blends rustic charm with a contemporary twist. This tableware collection complements any tabletop or table setting, adding an element of artistry to your dining experience.


Dalebrook Pigment

Dalebrook ensures that your food looks as good as it tastes, with a perfect balance of contemporary style and rustic authenticity.



Embrace the elemental beauty of your culinary creations with this collection. The stone-look finish of melamine is perfect for showcasing the earthy and hearty foods of Christmas.


APS Element Collection


Experience the perfect fusion of style and substance with Frida, where Scandinavian design meets your buffet setup. The bowls from the FRIDA series create a cozy atmosphere with their simple design and natural look. The matte outer surface in white or black, combined with the inner surface in a wood finish, exudes a visually appealing aesthetic that adds warmth to your presentation.


APS Frida Collection


Utopia Cordless Lamps

Elevate your dining experience with the Utopia Cordless Lamps collection. These exquisite cordless lights provide a touch of elegance and versatile mood lighting to any table. With a simple touch, your guests can select their preferred lighting setting.

Available in a range of stunning finishes

Cordless Lamp - Black
Cordless Lamp: Brushed Copper
Cordless Lamp: Cocoa
Cordless Lamp: Gold

These cordless lamps are not only functional but also serve as a captivating decorative element. To truly appreciate their charm, we invite you to visit our showroom and witness these lamps in action. Illuminate your dining space with cordless lamps and set the perfect ambiance for your Christmas gatherings.


Stay tuned for more holiday must-haves as we continue to bring you the finest products and ideas for a memorable Christmas season in the hospitality industry.

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