Looking to Take Charge of your Kitchen Equipment?


Take charge of your kitchen equipment with our new and exclusive Rhino range! Hugh Jordan is proud to announce the launching of Rhino Catering Equipment, a new range of kitchen equipment designed for commercial kitchens. The Rhino range consists of various catering appliances designed for professional use. The huge range includes a variety of Commercial Fryers, Panini grills, Salamanders, Rice Cookers, Induction Hobs and more.


We at Hugh Jordan understand the needs of professional chefs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars and hotels. We have developed easy to use products that can withstand the demanding needs of a commercial environment.



The Rhino Soup Gun is a Heavy Duty Motor. A soup gun is an essential tool for professional kitchens and the Rhino soup gun is the perfect stick blender for any commercial kitchen. Stick blenders are suitable for pureeing vegetables, potatoes, soups, etc. or for preparing creams (onion, pepper, tomato, confectioner´s, etc.) and all sorts of sauces. The Beater arm can be used for whipping cream or preparing meringue, Chantilly, mayonnaise and Genoese sauce, omelettes, pancake batter, soufflés, etc.  





The Rhino Induction Hob provides a platform for energy efficient and fast cooking. The Induction Hob consists of a stainless steel finish on the body with a black glass flat top, offering a sleek design that bring a modern touch to any kitchen. The Rhino Induction Hob has 10 pre-set programs, making usability effortless and painless, reducing frustration and time wasted setting programs. It has a wide temperature range from 60°c to 240°c with a LED Timer for easy readability. This Induction Hob is suited to the busiest of restaurants, canteens, delis and much more.





The Rhino Fryers are a great addition to any commercial kitchen; they come in both a single and dual tank version.  Both Fryers come with a sleek stainless steel design, offering a stylish yet practical solution to any commercial kitchen. The Single Tank Fryer has a 6 litre capacity while the Dual Fryer consists of two 6 litre tanks. Both Fryers can accommodate high volumes of foods making this a great machine that meets the demands of a busy restaurant. The Fryers can accommodate foods such as frozen chips, chicken and much, much more. The Fryers contains an adjustable thermostat, allowing complete control while cooking.





Much like the Rhino Fryers, the Rhino Panini Grills come in both a Single and Double version. The Panini Grill is a heavy duty and robust machine, perfect for a wide variety of commercial eateries such as Restaurants, Hotels, Cafes and much more. The Rhino Panini Grills consist of flat bottom and ribbed top cast iron plates, making these the ultimate grilling machines.





The Rhino Salamander Grill is a simple yet robust machine with a Stainless Steel finish. This Salamander Grill is perfect for the busy commercial kitchen with excellent features such as Stainless Steel heating elements for quick heating, variable heat controls, a 15 minute electric timer and more. This Salamander is built to save time and cut down on frustration. Its sturdy design means this machine is capable of handling tough usage in the busiest of environments.





The Rhino Rice Cooker is the perfect cooker for cooking foods such as rice, steamed vegetables and pasta. This rice cooker is compact and easy to use thanks to the non-fussy controls on the cooker. This cooker is perfect for a variety of commercial kitchens as it can hold a safe temperature for up to 12 hours while it can also hold up to 14 litres of cooked rice.  This rice cooker also doesn’t lose any points for style as it comes in an attractive matte stainless steel finish!





The Rhino Water Boiler is a great solution for heating water and keeping it warm when serving to large groups of people. They are a perfect fit for areas such as office canteens, catered events, university canteens, B&B’s and much more. The polished Stainless Steel finish allows this machine to blend into many commercial environments. The machine has many features such as thermostatic control with an automatic cut-off, an indicator light to indicate when water is ready, an illuminated power-on switch and a lot more!



To shop this great range from Rhino, head into our trade shop at 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street, Dublin 8. Need a map? Click here.


Prefer to shop online? Visit our website at https://www.hughjordan.com/en/. Or shop our Rhino range directly here.