Lift your Spirits this St Patrick’s Day with these Irish Whiskey Cocktails


A day of celebration calls for great cocktails and there’s no better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with a great drink in hand!


Whiskey is the perfect way to get into the true festive spirit of St Paddy’s Day thanks to its origin on the island of Ireland. Whiskey was first distilled in Ireland around the 12th century in Ireland and was known as ‘Uisce Beatha’ or ‘Water of Life’, and was at one stage the most popular whiskey in the world! We’ve put together a list of three great Irish whiskey based cocktails for you to sip on this St Patrick’s Day!



This cocktail is an Irish twist on a Moscow Mule. A Moscow Mule is traditionally made with Vodka, but in this recipe that Vodka has been replaced with whiskey. For this cocktail you won’t need much ingredients and the preparation is quick and easy. This cocktail is usually served in a copper mug but can also be served in a glass. To make it, you’ll need: a copper mug, cocktail shaker, cocktail strainer and mixing spoon.




-          2 measures of Irish Whiskey (Jameson, Powers or Glendalough 7 Year all work here)

-          Half measure of lime juice (freshly squeezed)

-          Around 200ml ginger beer

-          Lime twist to garnish


To Make:


-          Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add the whiskey and lime.

-          Shake well and strain into copper mug or glass.

-          Add the ginger beer and garnish with the lime twist




A Whiskey Sour is probably the most famous whiskey cocktail. The Whiskey Sour is a tasty, lemon flavoured cocktail that is easy to make and great for serving at everything from parties to bars. To make this cocktail, you will need: a tumbler, a cocktail shaker, cocktail strainer and mixing spoon.




-          2 measures of Jameson Irish Whiskey

-          1 measure of lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed)

-          15ml of sugar syrup (1 part sugar : 2 parts water)

-          15ml of egg whites

-          Cubed ice

-          Twist of Lime to garnish for a Paddy’s Day twist


To Make:


-          Add ice to a cocktail shaker and add all ingredients

-          Shake the cocktail well and pour into a cold tumbler

-          Swirl the cocktail in the glass and add the lime twist to garnish




This cocktail is sure to warm you up, especially with cold weather being forecast for this St Patrick’s Day. This cocktail is tasty and easy to make, with only four ingredients – whiskey, coffee, cream and sugar. Although it might be a little bit more time consuming to make than the other cocktails on this list, it is definitely worth the effort and won’t disappoint. An Irish Coffee is typically served in a handled liquor coffee glass, or Irish Coffee Glass, but can also be served in any other glass designed for hot drinks.




-          2 measures of Teeling Small Batch Whiskey (it gives a smooth taste to the cocktail)

-          Half measure of demerara sugar

-          120ml freshly brewed coffee

-          Cream

-          Nutmeg to garnish


To Make:


-          Add whiskey, sugar and coffee to the glass and stir to combine

-       Whip the cream & gently pour it over the back of a spoon so it floats on top of the coffee.

-          Add nutmeg to garnish.


These cocktails are great for St Patrick’s Day and are definitely bound to get you in the Irish spirit (no pun intended!). If you’re in Dublin City Centre, why not visit our Bride Street store to shop all of the great glassware and cocktail accessories mentioned. Or if you would prefer to shop online, visit us at, or check out our St Patrick’s Specials here!