JVD Shield Air Purifiers

The JVD Shield Air Purifiers are professional air purifiers made in France, and which conforms to the NF B44-200 standard covering an area of 60m2. This invisible shield protects you from nuisances in the air. Viruses, pollutants, odours and allergens that enter Shield’s action area are immediately neutralized and then eliminated, creating a real living bubble all around you. With Shield, you can breathe perfectly pure, safe air, to preserve your health both at work and at home.


JVD’s technology treats all sources of pollution and contamination until they are 100% harmless. Nothing can withstand it: odours, viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens, pollutants and contaminants dispersed as particulate matter in the ambient air. An innovative combination of three air purification technologies to eradicate 100% of nuisances through their complementary effects:



1. Captures particulate matter

2. Neutralises

3. Mineralises molecules.


A self-cleaning filter means no filters to replace and the JVD Shield Air Purifier is serviceable for 10+ years and spare parts will be available for JVD for at least 10 years. There is little upkeep required for these Air Purifiers. They are made from materials with a low environmental impact and the components have long lifespans.


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