Janni Bars: Handmade & Natural Guest Amenities


Introducing Janni Bars


Janni Sjöstrand created the Janni Bars from a passion to help tackle climate change and to alleviate the use of micro-plastics in shampoo, conditioner, body wash & soaps while still creating a luxurious, natural experience.


Janni was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden and came from an equestrian background – starting horse riding on the beaches of Klagshamns Rhttaförening at the age of five. By 2010, Janni settled in Ireland and was an entrepreneur, setting up Imagine Sportshorse’s; breeding, producing and selling hundreds of horses and ponies around the world. While working within this industry, Janni seen a gap in the market for soaps for specific types of horses ie. Grey horses, horses with skin issues, tired muscles etc. From here and nearly overnight, Janni became a manufacturer of handmade shampoo bars. This then led to the realisation of how much there was to offer in regards to personal hair and body care and how we could easily stay away from plastic bottles and still have an amazing sustainable, plastic-free and biodegradable option.


Using Janni Bars also means you're taking a leap towards cutting out harsh and unnecessary chemicals in your daily hair and skincare routine. When using Janni products, you can be assured that only the best ingredients are included and no cheap synthetic fillers, silicone, parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances are used. Janni has also not used palm oil in her products for ethical reasons, as the palm oil industry is unstable. Janni also offers a wide range of Vegan products available and is fully transparent with the ingredients used with some products also including Honey, Beeswax & Silk.


We are delighted to have teamed up with Janni Bars to provide you with this essential product for your guest room! We would like to introduce the five exciting products that are on offer to use as an ethical approach to guest amenities.


Meet the products:


Seaweed Shampoo

The way of life of the Irish has been shaped by its natural surroundings, engulfed by the great Atlantic Ocean and survived by the Irish Sea.  The Seaweed Shampoo is inspired by sea life using seaweed as the main ingredient, since it contains great fatty acids, minerals & vitamins which the hair loves! It’s created using seaweed moss gel from the beautiful & delicate Carrageen seaweed which will help to soothe dry hair & scalps, and help rebuild damaged hair to its original, healthy condition. The natural salt from the seaweed will help provide thickness & volume from the root down, combined with the peppermint essential oil which will help promote a healthy scalp & help treat dandruff. The sweet orange essential oil also gives a refreshing finish and the jojoba oil helps to repair damaged hair – totally free from synthetic fibres & fragrances.


Oat Silk Conditioner

Made from Oat Silk, Peppermint & Rosemary Oil - The Oat Silk Conditioner will give an instant silky feel to your hair that absorbs grease, leaving your hair conditioned, protected and healed from any damage. The Peppermint & Rosemary Oils will also leave your hair feeling fresh with these revitalising scents.


Avocado Body wash 

Known as a Holy Grail food, the avocado does as much good to you on the outside as it does on the inside. The Avocado Body wash contains avocado oil which will moisturize, calm & heal itchy & dry skin making it a gentle body wash perfect for sensitive skin. The body wash also contains poppy seeds which act as a natural exfoliated, delicately buffering away unwanted skin cells. Poppy seeds are a sustainable alternative to the likes of microplastic’s as once these plastics reach our waters they never go away, however poppy seeds are all natural & biodegradable. The Avocado Bodywash also contains Olive Oil to add to the moisturizing effect leaving your skin soft, alongside the Lime Essential Oil acting as a natural antioxidant and reducing the signs of ageing, as well as an overall fresh lime scent to your skin.


Rose Clay Soap

Clay has become a popular choice of material for creators of cold-pressed soaps due to its ability to create picturesque colours & swirls, but also for its great skin loving properties. Rose Clay in particular is high in minerals which help to restore and replenish the skin by adding moisture, drawing out impurities and lightly exfoliating the complexion. The Rose Clay Soap also contains Olive Oil, which is renowned for its moisturising properties and its ability to dissolve any oil residue left on your skin, leaving a soft and supple finish. The Olive Oil also acts as an antioxidant which helps prevent premature signs of ageing and protects your skins cells from harmful damage.


Body Butter Bar

The perfect way to finish, the buttery body lotion is sure to leave your skin super silky & soft.  The Body Butter Bar contains Cocoa Butter, which is super hydrating and nourishing to the skin, helping to improve elasticity and create a protective boundary over the skin to lock in moisture. The added Shea Butter acts as a healing and anti-inflammatory, helping to reduce redness and swelling. The Shea Butter also helps to fight oxidative stress, helping your skin towards a healthy turnover of news cells and supporting the structure and tightness of the skin. Another great ingredient is Lavender Oil, which has an array of benefits such as reducing acne, soothing eczema and dry skin, reducing discoloration and also the promoting of the healing of skin tissue for cuts, grazes & burns. Lavender Oil is also renowned as a calming, relaxing and balancing fragranced that will sooth you on a physical and emotional level. This Body Butter bas will provide an experience that you will want to repeat.



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