Introducing the Hugh Jordan Moodboard!

At Hugh Jordan we are always looking for new inspiration to help up create new styles and concepts for our customers. Now we have decided to build an inspiration section on our website that would help our customers come up with concepts and styles of their own. Unlike a regular wishlist where a list of your favourite products are made, we have created a ‘moodboard’ where you can pin the pictures of your favourite products and create a collage, helping you watch your concepts come to life. The moodboard function can be found in the 'Inspiration' section at the top of our homepage.

By creating a moodboard you can put together style concepts that you think would work for you, and by putting pictures of each of the products you desire side by side you know before you purchase how everything is going to look. Even better is that you can print your moodboard, save it as a PDF or even share it on social media to refer back to. From stock photographs to lifestyle shots, you can add any picture to your moodboard that you want by simply clicking the green heart on the top right corner of every image. We even have several style concepts made and readily available if you need a bit of inspiration before creating your very own in our inspiration section. When you add your products to the moodboard it will resemble the picture below!

Our aim is to make the customer as happy as possible with the products they have chosen and we think with the action of making a moodboard you will be able to finalize your looks instead of having to visualize them for yourself. 

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