Introducing: The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is the best outdoor seating solution on the market! The concept of The Hot Seat was created by a father and son from Dublin some years ago and had immediate success in the hospitality industry. Popularity grew when it was launched on The Late Late Show on RTE after the duo were nominated in the entrepreneur of the year awards.

 There are so many different benefits to buying The Hot Seat such as:

  • Extremely low running costs – Seats can cost as little as 8c an hour.
  • Unrivalled comfort and warmth.
  • Adjustable temperature control.
  • Easily installed - It simply plugs in!
  • Fully customisable - vinyl covering can be printed to best suit any area
  • Branding can help with initial purchase cost.
  • CE Certified.
  • Made in Ireland.
  • Each Hot Seat will come with a 2 year warranty.


When compared with any other outdoor heating solutions The Hot Seat can save you thousands per year! The Hot Seat will heat patrons directly instead of trying to heat entire areas which means not only are you saving on your heating costs, but your heating system is now also more effective.



The Hot Seat is a durable steel structure so will withstand any weather conditions and will not give trouble like all other heaters.

There is no maintenance required, just a simple cleaning now and again. It also has its own RCD breaker attached so it will trip itself out in the event of a fault. This is an extra safety feature but in over 3 years of manufacturing they are yet to have a single problem with faulty seats.

We have 3 different standard models available:


1) 1730mm long (1500mm seating length) - standard seat height - 600watt unit - running costs only 8cent per hour

2) 2630mm long (2400mm seating length) - Standard seat height - 1000watt unit - running costs only 14cent per hour

3) 2630mm long (2400mm seating length) - Bar stool height - 1000watt unit - running costs only 14 cent per hour - This unit also has a stainless steel foot-rail attached.


All units can be re-covered at any stage which will allow for re-branding or will simply make the unit look like new again. This is a service we can carry out on site anywhere in the country so there will be minimal disruption.


We are extremely happy to have added this local, revolutionary design to our vast range of products. Call our furniture specialist Claudio today on +353 (0)87 990 0278 to place an order, to get more information or arrange a visit to our showroom to see this exciting product in person!


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