Introducing..Our New Range Of Guest Supplies


With Hugh Jordan’s continued success at being one of Ireland’s largest independent catering suppliers since 1947, we are proud to introduce our brand new range of Guest Supplies.


Within the last year, our staff have worked tirelessly in hand-picking & sourcing the best products on the market while continuing to maintain the highest of standard for the hospitality industry. We have compiled a collection of products that demonstrate an individual, innovative and service orientated touch for your business. Our guest supplies range consists of products for your guest bathroom, bedroom, toiletries and many other accessories to suit mid to high end offerings. We have carefully considered the many options to suit our customer’s and now launching our catalogue with hundreds of products to choose from to design your ideal hotel or guestroom. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced sales representatives are now available across Ireland to consult all customers in choosing the most suitable and unique products and aims to assist in offering a solution for even the most demanding environments.


With considering the need for products that exceed all customers’ expectations, we now have four exclusive toiletry ranges now available at Hugh Jordan. We have developed this range with our deep understanding of the needs within the industry and guided by carefully listening to our customers on what products would help in providing the most memorable experience. The result was the establishment of our four ranges; Original Botanicals, OR, RE & Blyss.



Original Botanicals

Original Botanicals is a luxury brand that represents timeless beauty, like the nature of the world that surrounds us. The oriental-fresh fragrance of this range combines floral scents with the age old remedy of Ginkgo extract infused with herbaceous green-tea, revered today for its anti-oxidant benefits leaving you replenished and relaxed. In the simplest form, Mother Nature combines sweet earthy aromas with the gentlest and the purest botanicals, leaving the skin and mind refreshed. 



Enjoy the rich, relaxing and aroma-therapeutic fragrance of this Indulgent range of products. Gentling combining the unique woody and sweet spiced aroma of our sandalwood essential oils, infused to provide an experience to inspire and calm the body & mind. Perfect to delicately lift your spirits and gently ease any tensions in the skin, perfect to help your guest unwind after a long day. OR encompasses the Celtic meaning (/symbol) for Gold which reflects the warm, calming feeling our unique blend of ingredients provides.



The calming, moisturising and softening properties of this beautiful blend, infused with a touch of Aloe-Vere giving a soothingly smooth experience is perfect to kick-start your day. For the guest on the go, awaken the body and mind with the refreshing feel of this range of revitalizing washroom products.



With the transforming power of water, this revitalising blend of products will provide you with a refreshing and hydrated experience. The naturally calming solution of Blyss will take you on a journey of tranquillity, while ensuring an absolutely relaxing time. Simply fragranced with the fresh scent from beside the sea, this range offers natural and nourishing results.



To check out our full range of products, browse our products online here. If you’re interested in getting in touch with us and revamping your hotel or guestroom, call us now on 01-862-7200 or get in touch with us now on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to arrange a consultation with our sales representatives.