For those of you who don’t already know, Instagram is the social media platform that is taking the world by storm in the last few years. Its increasing popularity and simplicity makes it perfect for top rated companies to your average person to use. This platform lets you take, edit and share pictures and videos for up to 15 seconds, giving you the opportunity to display your life through your lens! We here at Hugh Jordan have recently jumped on the Instagram bandwagon where we post pictures of new products, concepts, our favourites of the moment and many more! You can follow us here:


Anyway, enough about us! In the spirit of joining Instagram here is a list of some of the top Irish Instagram accounts in Ireland in our opinion (we couldn’t help but be in favour of the food related accounts!) and if you think we are missing any feel free to comment and let us know! So in no particular order....... 


  1.       Forkful TV

These are a group of friends who love making simple food look delicious, and that they do! With videos and weekly columns in the Irish Independent it’s a wonder they have the time on their hands to manage this great Instagram account. They really utilize the 15second video allowance but their amazing pictures are what really make the account so brilliant. 


  1.       Super Miss Sue

Super Miss Sue is a Restaurant on Drury Street in Dublin and their tantalizing food photographs will leave you dying to walk in their doors. With the best of seafood among a variety of other foods, they are one of Dublins finest restaurants and also one of Irelands best food related Instagram accounts!


  1.       French Foodie in Dublin

French Foodie in Dublin, also known as Ketty is a French blogger who posts about all things food in Dublin! She came to Ireland and stayed for love, and now we love her as a result! Her posts can range from food to general life in Dublin, with tips on where to eat out hidden in between!


  1.       Donal Skehan

If you don’t know him by now then you have been missing out big time! Donal Skehan, mostly known for his amazing cooking abilities - is also known for his singing and TV career. He give us an insight into his life and cooking skills on his colourful and hunger enticing Instagram account! 



Pad Thai! I've just given a demo how to make this tasty little supper over on Snapchat! Follow me, username: DonalSkehan

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  1.       The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear began as a food shop but now it is so much more. From its humble beginnings it now boasts success in a variety of ways. Its business now includes a family-run natural food store, two wholefood cafes and evening restaurant and even a superfood sprout farm. Growing from strength to strength, you can track their progress and impressive food creations on their Instagram page.



  1.       Laura Arnold

This Irish foodie is a young woman based in Australia so you can be sure to get sun with your snaps! Her Instagram account is filled with all types of amazing food, and the view in the background is easy on the eyes as well! Scrolling through this account will be sure to get you hungry, and maybe even motivate you to make some of the amazing creations yourself.


  1.       Niamh Kavanagh

This Irish model from Dublin posts tonnes of amazing food pictures. Residing in New York City, this Irish girl posts a range of foods alongside some stunning NYC scenery, and a few model pictures in between for good measure! Her Instagram account makes for an overall great follow


Ending this rich weekend with the most delightful brunch @mimishummusny #NYC #manhattan #eastvillage #brunch

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