Information for Colour Coding in your Business

Colour coding is important for many aspects of a business and can be implemented in different areas to make your business more efficient.


Knifes & Chopping Boards


Colour coding is important for kitchens to run affectively. By colour coding your utensils, you are ensuring that your food hygiene is up to standard. This is designed to prevent cross contamination between the different food groups and helps to reduce any chance of food poisoning. The following is the colours coding for kitchens:


• Red- Raw Meats

• Blue- Raw Fish

• Green- Salad/Fruit

• Yellow- Cooked Meats

• Brown- Vegetables

• White- Bakery/Diary Products

• Purple- Gluten free




You can check out our range of knives and chopping boards for all your colour coding needs here.


Cleaning Chemicals



Our Super Professional range is colour coded for your convenience.  The new ‘Super Professional’ range focuses on three colours to implement a colour coding plan in your business: Red, Green and Blue. The cleaning chemicals colours are representative of their areas in which they should be used. The colours represent the different areas as follows:


  •          Red would be high risk areas. Along with our red colour coded chemicals, we provide a range of red coloured mops, buckets, brushes and cloths to be used with our chemicals in the red coloured areas such as toilets and washrooms.


  •          Green would be for lower risked areas. With the variety of green coloured cleaning equipment to use with our new chemical range, these would be used for areas such as food preparation areas and kitchens.


  •          Blue would be for low risk areas. Household areas where there is less bacterial contamination risk is where you would use the blue colour coded chemicals and cleaning equipment.


  •          Purple is safe for food preparation areas and leaves treated surfaces safe for human contact.



Check out our flyers in Euro and Sterling for more information on the Super Professional range or shop the range on the Hugh Jordan website now!


Cleaning Accessories


When changing to the colour coded cleaning system, it’s important to equip your business with the right products.  We have a wide range of colour coded cleaning equipment available at Hugh Jordan to get you started!


  •          Mop Heads, Mop Handles, Mop Handles & Buckets: We have a wide variety of sized buckets to suit all businesses. We have also made sure to have all our cleaning equipment with their matching accessories in the descriptions to make it easier for you to pick the correct products.



  •          All Purpose Cloths: It is important to have colour coded cloths to ensure cross contamination doesn’t occur between the different areas in your business.


  •          Brushes: Not unlike the rest of the colour coded cleaning products, brush handles and heads can be purchased in red, green, yellow & blue to help prevent germs spreading from section to section.



Don’t forget to check our cleaning accessories and equipment to implement your colour coding plan effectively.


Shop for all you will need for colour coding in your business on the Hugh Jordan website now!

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