Independence Products

Our wide range of adaptive products are designed to help individuals maintain their independence and gain confidence by providing innovative solutions to activities like eating and drinking.



Freedom by Steelite



“The Freedom range is designed to help individuals maintain their independence by providing an innovative solution to eating and drinking. Not only does the Freedom range provide confidence in individuals by encouraging independence, you can also be confident in the quality and versatility.”



A favourite among carers of people with Dementia, the Freedom range by Steelite is made of melamine to give the feel and look of traditional crockery without the fragility that comes along with ceramic or porcelain. The raised lips on the plates and double handles on the mugs make this range great for people with a wide array of disabilities.



This range has been developed by Steelite International’s design studio with specific features in mind:

  • The plates feature a cleverly designed undercut shoulder which is helpful in getting the food onto a spoon or fork. This greatly enhances the ease of eating
    without assistance.
  • A wide food area adds stability and helps to hold the plate in place during a meal. The curved rim profile catches any tricky overspill and prevents foods from slipping onto the tabletop.
  • The mug features two sturdy handles large enough to accommodate unsteady fingers and enabling a steady satisfying drink.
  • A wide base on the mug means easy placement after drinking and the avoidance of spillage.
  • All ceramic items are available in pure white and a range of cheerful colours which aid recognition of the food surface.


The Freedom range is available in a variety of sizes and colours on the Hugh Jordan website, click here to view the range.


Future Care by Churchill

“A range of specialist ceramics designed to assist independence and support wellbeing.”

The distinct blue and classic white of the Future Care range is the perfect offering to make meal time less stressful for those with Dementia and other disabilities while also providing a elegant canvas for their food.

The flat base design helps to ensure the crockery makes these items easily stackable and stable when in use while the large rim of the plates and bowls and the double handled mug in the Future Care range are perfect for those who have gripping difficulties, giving users back a bit of independence that is sometimes overlooked.



Contact us for more information on the Future Care range by Churchill – 01 862 7200


Helping Hands

Designed to help give independence back to those with gripping difficulties, our Helping Hands range combines both functionality and beautiful design. Each option is crafted with the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring durability and a beautiful shine even after many washes in the dishwasher.

The distinct bullet handled design of the Integrale cutlery gives it not only a sleek and stylish look but also makes it easy to hold and pick up off the table.


Contact us for more information on the Helping Hands range – 01 862 7200




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