IFEX 2016 Recap

We attended IFEX last week in the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast which you may have read about here! Our main goal for this show was to capture the attention of our audience and showcase how colour can be introduced to any setting to make it stand out. With our theme 'Rediscover Colour' we transformed our stand and helped our audience transcend into the wonderful world of colour. 

With over 250+ products on show, we showcased everything from equipment to cutlery with a variety of stands boasting the various ways you can introduce colour to your everyday life. 


Our buffet display showcased a range of different products. Our range of Reactive & Flow bowls accompanied with our wooden Widhu board range were a huge hit with customers as they are both handmade by local craftsmen and suit all buffet displays. Our Emile Henry oven to tableware range were also a big it as they are a high quality product in colourful, but not overpowering colours. Other products on this stand included crockery and double walled glasses from Steelite, Enamel teapots, and Kilner jars and glasses. 


Our Crockery Table displayed on a unique wooden spool hosted a number of high quality products. The cutlery from Pintinox is an italian made brand and on display we had their collection of 18/10 unique stonewash cutlery. The Crockery which was on display here were from both Pillivuyt & Verbano Gourmet - two brands which produce unique yet beautiful products. You can contact us for further information on these products as unfortunately they are not yet live on our website. 


Our Luxury Tables were two table top displays we created to give customers a glimse of what our products would really look like in action. Our first table displayed our Arborescence range from Revol which takes its design from the life of trees. The napkin and candle holder were both from Duni. Our glassware used here is from Riedel which altogether help bring this tabletop to life. Our second table displayed Craft from Steelite with glassware from Lal and napkins once again from Duni. Both tables displayed different colour schemes yet it is impossible to choose which is nicer! 



Our Barrels each displayed a wonderful selection of products. Our most popular barrel was our display of Forlife Teapots. With such a wide variety of colours available from typical black and white to red, orange and green as well as the curve or stump deisgn they can be suited to any setting. Our barrel displaying Revol's 'Colour Lab' range brings fun to any table with its adorable slates and cups. Our range of Duni candles were also a big hit as their colour changing LED rechargable lightbulbs inside created a great atmosphere. With a remote control to change the colour of these lights as well as various settings these were a great product to display. A well known favourite here at Hugh Jordan is Churchills Stonecast range! With a growing range of colours these exude sophistication and class as well as a pop of colour. For a darker and more unique look we displayed our range called 'Dusk' from Serax. The unusal shapes of their products paired with the colour scheme and circular design make for an interesting and brilliant feature on any table. Lastly we had a barrel showcasing Revols line 'Equinoxe' which is not shown below, alongside Churchills 'Studio Prints' range. Both are very refined and elegant ranges which we really love. 


Our Display Wall featured everything from barware to furniture! This colourful wall was bursting with products both new and old. The Arcoroc Colour Studio display included plates, glasses and carafes in an array of colours. Our copper barware collection was a featured display as copper has been constistantly in trend for the last year or so and showing no signs of stopping! Next are the colourful range of Bisetti pepper and salt mills which come in three different sizes as well as several different colours. Our chairs on display have been replaced by similar, commercially tested chairs called 'Gliss' from the well known company Pedrali. Although they are not exactly the same, they are very similar and of a very high quality. Revol stole the show yet again with their Froissés range of crumpled cups. The unique design will give your coffee character and charisma. Down2Earth produce fully compostable products including bespoke disposable cups, with some of their previous work displayed on our stand. Our high end Riedel glasses were on show once more on our wall. We had a large range of Enamelware on show - a known favourite among many restaurant and cafe owners! Lastly is our range of wooden boards which we had on display. These give food presentation and display that extra edge and can be used from cafes to high end restaurants. 


Our Equipment Shelf showcased some of our best products. Our Tango and Hamilton Blenders are two of our finest blenders to offer. The Sammic Soup Gun's on show are so popular one was sold right off the shelf! We had three Dualit Soup Kettle's on display - two copper and one white but both beautiful! The Manitowoc Ice Machine on show is also one of dozens we have in stock. These were just a portion of some of the equipment which we had on display at IFEX. 


These are a few products showcased from around the stand. The Castle Chafer is the 'worlds most efficient chafing dish!' Needing absolutely no water to function and using a unique gas canister which burns up to 16 times longer than your average chafing fuel. No water means more room for food, less mess and more safety and their unique design keeps the edges of the dish heat free making food change overs easier than ever! Our bamboo range can be sourced in a number of different colours in a matt or shine finish and is perfect for displays. Our metal Vollrath bowls come in a unique design that would catch the eyes of anyone. In various shapes, sizes and colours they can create the perfect display. Lastly was our floor display containing more from the Arborescence and Colour lab range both from Revol. 



There were even more products on display at our stand at IFEX so if there is something that was not featured here, please let us know your queries! We had a great time and can't wait to start planning for an even bigger and better stand for IFEX 2018. We hope we helped you to Rediscover Colour! 

Here is a short video we made about our stand:

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