HuskeeCup: Reusable Coffee Cup



According to the Irish Times, one in three Irish people now buy a coffee at least once a day with seventy per cent of people buying more than one cup a day. The coffee industry in Ireland is booming and globally, we’re seeing an increase in the waste that’s produced in coffee production – coffee husk. Coffee husks are the thin film that surrounds coffee beans which is removed at the milling stage of coffee production. Annually, 1.35 million tonnes of husk waste is generated worldwide, with the average coffee drinker contributing approximately 3kg.  As well as waste from production, with the increase in many people purchasing their coffee’s on-the-go, we’re seeing a build-up of disposable coffee cups in our landfills.



Our new supplier Huskee has created a reusable coffee cup called HuskeeCup, which is made from the coffee husk at the bean production stage. By using coffee husks to produce HuskeeCup, hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee are now being recycled, helping to turn the waste into a valuable commodity. The unique ‘fin’ design of the HuskeeCup is not only an iconic & revolutionary design, but helps to eliminate the need for coffee sleeves by protecting the user’s hands from direct heat. The unique thermal properties help to keep your coffee hotter for longer, with the product being extremely durable & dishwasher safe. In addition to this, the HuskeeCup is also BPA free & FDA approved.





Designing the HuskeeCup


Each year, during the harvest season, the team members of Huskee Pty Ltd were faced with tonnes of raw waste in the form of coffee husk from the processing of coffee. With the team members having experience from every aspect of the coffee industry, from production to serving in café’s, they begin to research the best solution to the issue of waste in July 2016.



Alongside the idea of combating the vast amount of waste produced in the coffee production stage, the team at HuskeeCup wanted to further develop their idea of re-using the coffee husk while still concentrating on the design of the product. They wanted to develop a product that could suit any hospitality environment & withstand this demanding industry, ensuring an elegant and stylish design.  The design features included the eliminating handles from the design which enabled features like stack-ability and less breakage. They also introduced  fins to the cup we could mitigate heat transfer and provide a comfortable holding experience no matter how hot the drink inside was. These vital design changes were to improve the overall experience for the consumer, but also the café owner also.  The HuskeeCup won ‘Best In Class’ in the Good Design Awards for its’ innovative & sustainable design.



In 2017, HuskeeCup launched with the help from The Kickstarter Campaign in order to gather pre-orders and gauge the market’s response to this product. Fortunately, the campaign was a huge success and within the first 24 hours, the initial predicted target was double. Huskee exceeded their goal of raising $20,000, which is an indication of the level of consumer interest in this innovative new cup product.






Available now at Hugh Jordan, we have both 8oz & 12oz HuskeeCups with matching lids, in both Natural & Charcoal colours. The HuskeeCups are ideal for indoor dining, at-home use & for the coffee drinker on-the-go. It’s vital to continue to make small changes between your home & business in order to contribute positively to the environment.  How are you helping to play your part in your business or at home in becoming more sustainable? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.