Hugh Jordan In-Store Featured Product!

Our shop on 1 Chancery Court, Bride Street, Dublin 8 is full of interesting new products! Among these products are a range of chef knives from F.Dick.



These three knives are from our 1905 range. An exclusive, sleek knife range which linked traditional style with a modern twist.  The knives shown are only three of a wide range of the 1905 collection available in store! The Utility knife, Santoku and Chef knife are essential in the kitchen for any chef.


Utility knives, also known as all-purpose knives, are knives for universal use in the kitchen. The serrated edge is ideal for cutting crusts (e.g. of bread) or hard shells (e.g. of pineapples).


The Santoku is the Asian classic for vegetables, fish and meat. It is characterised by a thin blade with a V-shaped cutting edge. The term Santoku originates in Japan and is composed of the two terms "san" for "three" and toku" for "virtue". The name therefore means the equivalent of "knife of the three virtues", whereby the knife is intended to be used for cutting fish, meat and vegetables. Despite the Asian shape of the blade, the Santoku really suits the European cutting techniques, which is why the knife is also widespread in Europe. 


The Chef's Knife is a classic and the centrepiece of a professional kitchen. It is an absolutely essential kitchen tool that allows you to master a diverse array of tasks arising in the kitchen. It is ideal for cutting herbs and vegetables, but also for slicing and chopping meat and fish. Chef's knives have a slightly curved cutting edge that is ideal for making a rocking cut. One hand grasps the handle and the other stabilises the tip when making a rocking cut. Herbs, for example, are finely chopped with the upward and downward movements of the handle. The chef's knife should be present in any kitchen as it is part of an absolute basic range of knifes and is available with a range of blade lengths.


The 1905 collection has a wide range of knives to choose from which are all available in store. Call in to get yours today! Our shop is open from 9-6pm Monday-Friday. For more information don’t hestitate to contact us on +353 (0)1 478 8871 or E-mail us on!

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