How To Properly Decorate Your Christmas Tree – 8 Steps


A sure sign of Christmas time approaching is the sudden influx of Christmas tree pictures on Facebook.


And as we see our friends’, colleagues’ and family members’ decorating efforts online, there comes a certain pressure to ensure that your own Christmas tree has the same wow factor.


The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of any festive home. But if you’ve ever put up a Christmas tree before (which most of us are almost certain to have done at some point), you’ll know that this is no easy task.


You’re guaranteed to get tangled in lights, covered in glitter, swear a minimum of twenty times and have at least one rage filled outburst at someone you love.


So to save you the pain, frustration and fury that comes with decorating your Christmas tree, we’ve created this handy guide with helpful tips and hacks.


Step 1 – Prevent Mess


If you’re getting a real tree, place a plastic sheet at the base of your tree to collect the fallout of pine needles.


Step 2 –  Decide On A Theme


Are you going for a particular colour scheme or just going all out festive? You’ll need to figure this out before you start to prevent yourself from getting half way through, scrapping everything and starting again. Having a consistent colour scheme will make your tree look more polished and your social media pictures that bit more worthy of a ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’!


Step 3 – Clear A Space


Make sure you know exactly where your Christmas tree is going. If it is going beside a wall, you won’t need to worry too much about decorating the back. However, if it’s visible from the window, it will need to look great from a number of angles.


You’ll also want to be able to easily access the plug to switch the lights on, so keep this in mind. And, of course, make sure there’s plenty of space for Santa to leave presents.


Step 4 – Untangling The Lights


No matter how carefully you packed away the Christmas lights last year, you can’t avoid the inevitable fact that they will come out in a tangled mess.


Before getting stuck into detangling, make sure you are well fed, caffeinated and relaxed or you will end up screaming at someone.


A good tip is to start with the plug socket and work your way slowly down the wire.



Step 5 – Putting On The Lights


It’s always a good idea to put the lights on your tree in an organised way. Start at the top and hang them in a spiral going clockwise down the tree. Always, always check that your lights are working before putting them on.


Step 6 - Ornaments


Hang heavy Christmas ornaments further up the tree, closer to the trunk which is sturdier and better for holding their weight. If you have especially pretty ornaments, place them close to lights to make them more visible.



Step 7 - Tinsel


Add your tinsel last to make your tree look more finished and wraped. Place tinsel near lights to make it shinier and brighter. However, be sparing with the tinsel as it can sometimes to detract from ornaments and other decorations.


Step 8 – The Topper


If you have children – specifically more than one child, there will be arguments about who gets the privileged job of placing the star, angel or topper on the tree. There’s no way around this – even if you’re creative and try to trick them, they will figure you out and the repurcussions will be worse.


As we have no actual advice for this, we suggest having a nice bottle of wine on hand for when the kids have gone to bed, so you can ease the headache and have something to enjoy as you gaze adoringly at your newly decorated tree.


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