How to be more sustainable for your business in 2020


Sustainability is becoming increasingly more and more important to businesses. With bans on single use plastics, companies are more focused than ever on sustainability. Here we are going to look at ways businesses can become more sustainable in 2020.


Study other companies & educate your employees

With some small businesses it can be hard to implement a plan for sustainability. Looking at larger companies and their sustainability plans, smaller companies can take from these plans and can use some of their implementations to use within their business. Many larger global companies have developed strict sustainability plans to help their business. Educating employees about how your business can become more sustainable can help the plan to be implemented and your employees may also be encouraged to suggest their own ideas to help the business. This can encourage moral and help a business to implement their sustainability plans and to maintain their plans as well. Incorporating sustainability into everyday operations can ensure that your plans will be successful in your business.


Reduce & Recycle

To be green and more sustainable, the first things you ever learn when it comes to becoming greener are to reduce and recycle. This can be the easiest methods to being becoming more sustainable. By reducing small things such as paper or energy bills by turning off lights you are becoming more responsible for the sustainability of your company. By starting off small, it can help a business to incorporate plans and to help their employees to adjust to these changes and become more aware of how sustainability works. Companies produce waste, and always will do in some capacity. But there’s a lot that can be done to decrease the amount of waste and reduce how much of your waste ends up in a landfill. As much as 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the bins could be recycled, so this can be a first start to begin recycling in your work place.


Compostable & Reusable Products

The European parliament have collectively backed the ban on single-use, disposable products such as plastic straws, cotton swabs, disposable plastic plates and cutlery in a huge effort to reduce the high levels of pollution currently in seas, fields and waterways.  The current aim is to have these products banned by 2021 and to have 90% plastic bottles recycled by 2025. This proposal was passed overwhelmingly with 571 votes for the ban and 53 against, showing how the European parliament are one step closer to banning the most commonly used plastic products and sending a clear message that Europe is ready to act and help make our oceans plastic-free. Companies can start with using reusable cups and plates in their staff canteens, or even using compostable cups and plates within their business. We offer a variety of compostable options for companies, which you can find by clicking here.


It’s important to consider making some small changes in your establishment, to become a more sustainable business. To shop our full of range of sustainable products online, visit us now at


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