Hotel Room Amenities: What matters most to your guest?



What do you do when you first enter a hotel room? Do you lie down straight away, or do you check out the snacks in the minibar or even check out what complimentary bathroom amenities are there for you to use? When designing your guestroom, it’s not an easy task to create a room to suit a wide variety of visitors. On a day-to-day basis, each hotel across Ireland & the UK has visits from business, leisure, casual bag-packers & young millennial type guests which can be challenging to cater your hotel room to suit very different needs.

One thing that most guests have in common, according to PWC’s Consumer Intelligence Series on Hotel Brand Loyality
 Both business and leisure travellers say room quality is the #1 reason for choosing a hotel” and there are many different components that help create a high quality room for your guest. Ensuring you hotel room is designed to a universal high standard can really help ensure re-booking and to help create a wide array of regular visitors to your establishment. Whether it’s investing in essential products for your hotel room or adding that personal touch, check out our guide on some things to consider when creating your room.


Complimentary Refreshments
Whether it’s a business or a leisure customer, each guest will always consider what ‘free stuff’ is included in their room. It’s always ideal to include a tea/coffee station in your hotel room which can simply consist of instant coffee and herbal/breakfast tea and a kettle – or for a high-end image, considering investing in a coffee machine with espresso. It’s vital to include a mug, a glass and even bottled water for your guests which can all be seen as going to extra mile for your customers.


Making Your Guests Feel Pampered
In many occasions, a guest will book a stay in a hotel as a relaxing retreat or as a necessity as part of a business trip. For both reasons, each guest will see their room as a place to unwind in the evening and relax after a long day of either work or touring – so making your guest feel pampered is essential! The ideal way to approach this would be to choose high quality and luxurious toiletries products for your guest bathroom - considering every aspect of the decision process, from the design of the bottle to the scent of the formula. If you’d like to explore some of our exclusive guestroom amenities, check them out online here.



Luxurious Pillows & Duvets
For any guest, it’s vital that the bed, pillows & duvet are all super comfy! When a guest is staying away from home, they can often be worried about having as good of a night’s sleep as they would in their own bed. Choosing high-quality textiles can help give you the peace of mind that this would not be a problem for all your guests.



Practical Products
With the rush and stress of travel, sometimes your guests can get caught up in the excitement and may forget an essential, everyday product. When coming to a hotel, your guest would be delighted to see accessories such as a sewing kit, vanity kit, dental kit, shaving kit & even a shoe shine kit – even if these products are not used, it really shows a sense of consideration and support to your guests in case these necessities are needed or forgotten! A guest will also want to ensure all practical amenities are included in their room even BEFORE checking in - this would include bedroom safes, iron & iron boards and sometimes even a mini-fridge for guests who may have special food requirements during their trip. While it’s not essential to have all these products included in every room in your hotel, it should be considered to have these products available on request.



An Extra Special Touch
It’s always nice to make your guests feel special and there’s some simple ways to do this; including bathrobes and slippers in the room can add a touch of home to their room. Also, when preparing the room before check-in, ask your reception staff to try note any special occasions that your guests might be celebrating, whether it’s an anniversary, birthday or even a long over-due trip – you can send up complimentary strawberries & champagne or even a small dessert to wish them well.  Your guest will be more than happy to have a delivery at their door on arrival, making their experience a truly memorable one.



A guest needs can differ depending on the nature of their visit but once you try covering the basics, it should help to create brand loyalty for your hotel. We have created and designed a brand new brochure ‘ROOMS’ by Hugh Jordan which includes every product you need to help design an ideal experience for your guests. If you’re interested in browsing our new brochure online, click here. Also, get in contact with us on 01-862-7200 where we can organise a visit for you from one of our experienced sales representatives to help you choose the right products. What are the most requested products from your guests? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.