Guest Houses, B&Bs & Air B&Bs Essentials

With the hospitality sector reopened for over a week now, we take a look at the essentials to make reopening a success. Guest Houses, B&Bs and Air B&Bs can update their essentials to be able to make reopening easier. 




Royal Porcelain

Royal Porcelain tableware is universal. From banqueting to fine dining, this exquisite range unites durability with unique design that electrifies your table presentation. Exclusive to Hugh Jordan, the Royal Porcelain ranges include; Titan, Oriental, Prima Maxadura and Paris Maxadura.



RAK Porcelain combines the finest raw materials with the expertise of the Research and Development department to make porcelain that is gleaming white, practical and universal. An exciting collection with a wide range of products to suit mid to high end hospitality environments, price friendly without compromising on style.


From May 31st to July 31st we're offering a ✨FREE CASE ✨ when you order 4 cases of any of our Royal Porcelain collection shown in our Reopening Essentials flyer.


Guest Supplies


Luxury- OR

Enjoy the rich, relaxing and aroma-therapeutic fragrance of this Indulgent range of products. Gentling combining the unique woody and sweet spiced aroma of our sandalwood essential oils, infused to provide an experience to inspire and calm the body & mind. Perfect to delicately lift your spirits and gently ease any tensions in the skin, perfect to help your guest unwind after a long day. OR encompasses the Celtic meaning (/symbol) for Gold which reflects the warm, calming feeling our unique blend of ingredients provides. 




The calming, moisturising and softening properties of this beautiful blend, infused with a touch of Aloe-Vere giving a soothingly smooth experience is perfect to kick-start your day. For the guest on the go, awaken the body and mind with the refreshing feel of this range of revitalizing washroom products.


Wilderness- Original Botanicals

Original Botanicals is a luxury brand that represents timeless beauty, like the nature of the world that surrounds us. The oriental-fresh fragrance of this range combines floral scents with the age-old remedy of Ginkgo extract infused with herbaceous green-tea, revered today for its anti-oxidant benefits leaving you replenished and relaxed. In the simplest form, Mother Nature combines sweet earthy aromas with the gentlest and the purest botanicals, leaving the skin and mind refreshed.



With the transforming power of water, this revitalising blend of products will provide you with a refreshing and hydrated experience. The naturally calming solution of Blyss will take you on a journey of tranquility, while ensuring an absolutely relaxing time. Simply fragranced with the fresh scent from beside the sea, this range offers natural and nourishing results.



Enviornmental-Janni Bars

Janni Bars were created  from a passion to help tackle climate change and to alleviate the use of micro-plastics in shampoo, conditioner, body wash & soaps while still creating a luxurious, natural experience. Using Janni Bars also means you're taking a leap towards cutting out harsh and unnecessary chemicals in your daily hair and skincare routine. When using Janni products, you can be assured that only the best ingredients are included and no cheap synthetic fillers, silicone, parabens, SLS and synthetic fragrances are used. Janni has also not used palm oil in her products for ethical reasons, as the palm oil industry is unstable.


Check our Reopening flyer to check out our offers on our guest supplies!


Cleaning Supplies


Super Professional

The ‘Super Professional’ range has been trusted by professional for over 40 years and has been designed and developed with the independent professional in mind. We have recently redesigned and reformulated much of the range for improved cleaning and disinfecting power, with all of our bleach based products being BPR (Biocides Product Regulation) certified and many products BSEN1276 and BSEN13697 compliant.


Mops, Buckets & Handles

We stock an extensive selection of Mops, Mop Buckets & Handles available to buy at great prices. Our Mops, Mop Buckets & Handles are sourced to provide optimal performance for all your hospitality needs.


Primagel Plus

Primagel Plus is a transparent dermatologically tested disinfectant gel with 70% alcohol. It’s a medical grade product for instant hand hygiene. Its bactericidal action ensures a safe disinfection against virus’ and bacteria of all kinds. The new EN-12791 SURGICAL HAND DISINFECTION approval obtained by Primagel Plus, makes this product suitable for use in the operating room as required by World Health Organization guidelines. It quickly dries, leaving the hands fresh and soft, with no oily or sticky feeling. Wherever you are and whatever the situation, hands can be safely disinfectedin just few seconds.


Don’t forget, you can shop hospitality products online at or explore our brochure ‘ROOMS by Hugh Jordan’ here.


Our new Reopening Flyer highlights all these offers as well as great prices on other essentials needed to reopen your doors seamlessly. Check it out now!


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