Going Green.. Our Top Tips




It’s now a more important time than ever to the begin changing your disposable goods to a compostable alternative. The European parliament have collectively backed the ban on single-use, disposable products such as plastic straws, cotton swabs, disposable plastic plates and cutlery in a huge effort to reduce the high levels of pollution currently in seas, fields and waterways.  The current aim is to have these products banned by 2021 and to have 90% plastic bottles recycled by 2025. This proposal was passed overwhelmingly with 571 votes for the ban and 53 against, showing how the European parliament are one step closer to banning the most commonly used plastic products and sending a clear message that Europe is ready to act and help make our oceans plastic-free.


One thing that has crossed all our minds is how this will affect the hospitality and tourist sector. Straws & disposable coffee cups contribute an extreme amount to this pollution, with 200 million coffee cups disposed of every year and plastic straws being visibly over-used. These products are used every day in cafés, bars, restaurants and hotels across the globe, but what can we do to reduce our waste? It’s important to become more conscious of your usage of these products in your establishment and begin changing your single use disposables to a compostable and eco-friendly alternative. Check out our guide on some of the top products to use to help you become more sustainable.



Keep Cup

A Keep Cup is a cool and contemporary way to serve coffee in house or for the customer on-the-go. A step that many cafés or restaurants have decided to take would be to provide a discount for customers who purchase their morning coffee using a Keep Cup or any reusable-portable coffee cup. This helps reduce waste in general and also providing your customers with a stylish solution. These can be sold in-house and encourage your customers to make the switch to this eco-friendly option.


Compostable Coffee Cups

If you’re not ready to make the switch to a Keep Cup there are many options to suit your business. Our compostable coffee cups are available online here and are available in a range of different sizes to help suit your establishment. These coffee cups are by Edenware and have a much lower carbon-footprint due to their plant beginnings. Disposal in a food composting waste stream diverts food and packaging waste from landfill avoiding ozone depleting methane emissions. Generally, when packaging is contaminated by food waste they can’t be recycled, so including compostable products is a great way to ensure your waste is disposed effectively.


Take-away Packaging

From a take-away restaurant to an outdoor diner, many establishments use plastic containers for storage or serving their food to their customer. When considering purchasing disposable packaging for your business, ensure you are purchasing environmentally friendly and compostable options such as our full range available in our Sustainable Product range. Unfortunately, when dining al-fresco, people tend to be more inclined to litter and leave there rubbish behind. Choosing a plant-based and compostable plate, bowl and take-away box can help us combat disposable plastic waste from building up in our



Plastic straws are a big contributor to the waste crisis in Ireland and around the world today. Because of the nature of plastic straws, many hotels, bars & restaurants supply a new straw for each drink which then leads to over-use and wastage. Changing your straws to paper is a perfect way to become more conscious of your waste since they are bio-degradable and compostable. Many establishments have now made the change to paper straws with some bars not using any at all. Take the plunge at check out our Black & White Paper Straw which is a stylish option for anything from cocktails and soft drinks.


It’s important to consider making some small changes in your establishment, whether it’s banning straws or opting for paper alternatives to ensure that the hospitality industry as a whole reduce our carbon footprint. To shop our full range online, visit us now at www.hughjordan.com