Gin Cocktails For Summer! 🍸

We all know that Gin is the flavour of the month (or year!) at the moment, and with Summer right around the corner what better way to enjoy the sun than with a Gin cocktail in hand?


Here are some of our favourite Gin cocktails that you can whisk up this Summer, while being served in one of our amazing glasses of course!




This is one of the more well known Gin cocktails that has been on the blocks in recent times. With the introduction of Summer comes the first appearance of Blackberries in the bushes so what better time to make a Bramble?!



  •          40ml Gin
  •          10ml Sugar Syrup
  •          15ml Lemon/Lime juice
  •          15ml Blackberry Liquer
  •          Blackberries to garnish


Method: Pour all liquid ingredients into a tumbler half filled with ice and stir gentle. Pour into a glass & Garnish with blackberries



Gin Fizz:

Gin fizz is one of the most classic Gin cocktails around! Tasting even better than it looks, it is definitely one to try at home!


  •          50ml Gin
  •          30ml Lemon Juice
  •          10ml Sugar Syrup
  •          1 tbsp Sugar
  •          20ml lightly whipped egg white
  •          Chilled soda water


Method: Shake up the gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, sugar and egg white in a cocktail shaker with a little ice. Strain into a tumbler glass half-filled with ice cubes. Top up with soda water (and enjoy!)



Bee’s Knees:

This is one that you might not see often , but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good! This cocktail has a mix of sweet and sour and has all the basic ingredients to make it easy to whip up at home.



  •          50ml Gin
  •          10ml Honey (as runny as possible)
  •          5ml Water
  •          15ml Fresh Lemon Juice


Method: Stir the honey into the water until dissolved to make syrup. Pour into a cocktail shaker with the gin, lemon juice and a couple of ice cubes. Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.




Gin and lime were meant to be together, so why not make a cocktail with them in it?! Here is a simple cocktail that showcases the marriage between the two.



  •          60ml Gin
  •          15ml Lime Juice
  •          10ml Sugar Syrup
  •          Twist of lime zest to garnish


Method: Pour the gin, juice and sugar syrup into a tumbler half filled with ice. Stir gently, pour into glass and garnish with lime zest.


If you are going to try one of these recipes, make sure you have the perfect glass to match! And don’t forget that every cocktail needs some good cocktail accessories to go with it!


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